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Alright guys well we have an exciting video for you today.
It is going to be all about the street food.
We are here in Osaka (大阪市) in Dōtonbori (道頓堀) which is famous for nightlife
and street food.
We have come here in the middle of the day.
We're going to turn this into our lunch.
And just try as many Japanese snacks and dishes as possible.
Japanese street food for you guys.
Okay so time for our very first snack.
And we are starting with something sweet.
This is called Taiyaki (鯛焼き) and it is basically a pancake shaped like a fish.
So we got two different varieties.
They have the classic which is stuffed with red bean paste.
This is made with adzuki beans.
And this other one is stuffed with sweet potato.
So yeah this should be tasty.
So I'm going to start with the red bean paste first.
Let's bite into this little fish.
Right into its head.
A lethal blow.
Oh, hot.
Piping hot!
They made it right fresh for us guys.
The bean paste.
Oh that burns.
That is burning?
What does it taste like thought?
The dough is really nice.
It reminds me of waffle batter.
Like that kind of flavor.
It is really nice.
Is it fairly sweet?
You know what it gets all the sweetness from the red bean paste.
That is the predominant flavor in this.
But yeah I really like this.
Let's wait and see what this one is all about.
So I'm also going to try the red bean one first as well.
Let's see.
Oh that is so good.
I've had these before and I've never had one that has been so generously stuffed yeah with
red beans.
This one is just oozing with red bean paste.
Look at that guys.
Just oozing with red bean paste.
And this is also a popular snack in Korea.
That is where I've seen it before.
We've had these in Korea so that is where I first tried it.
But it is my first time to have it in Japan and it is delicious.
Like oh my gosh it is like this would be the perfect winter food.
Like I could just imagine like walking outside on a snowy day or a cold day and having this
piping hot.
Oh my gosh.
So now Sam is going to try the sweet potato one first.
Sweet potato one let's try that.
Oh wow.
Again it is so good.
It is really sweet but this has a smoother consistency than the bean paste.
So I think I might even like this one better.
Look at that.
What do you think?
This one is smoother.
It is smoother huh.
I see what you mean.
That is quite good.
It is really good.
Yeah and um speaking of prices.
This one stuffed with sweet potato was 200 Yen and the other one stuffed with red bean
paste was a 180 Yen.
So the red bean paste is a little bit cheaper.
Slightly cheaper.
Just by a few cents.
But yeah this is quite good.
In my opinion it is worth trying them both though.
And they have other flavors.
You can get chocolate, you can get custard.
I know.
You can make a whole snack why not sample a few.
A whole meal out of it.
Okay so next up we have found a place serving Kushikatsu (串カツ).
Round two guys of street food guys.
So this is Kushikatsu (串カツ).
This is basically they are fried skewers.
Kushi means skewer.
Katsu means meat.
But the interesting thing is that you can have um things that are beyond just meat.
Like you can get fish.
You can see here there is a whole meat section.
There is seafood.
You can also do vegetables and what is considered other.
So I'll just a read a few of these for you.
So for instance you can get cheese done.
Uh huh.
You can also get something like Chinese yam.
I saw quail eggs.
Quail eggs.
There is something called fish paste tube.
I have no idea what that is.
There is even chorizo.
Look there is even banana with chocolate.
So basically the individual pieces are dipped in egg and then they're coated in crumbs and
then they're deep-fried and yeah this is what they should look like when they arrive at
the table.
So the Kushikatsu (串カツ) have arrived at the table.
If you take a look down here we ordered an assorted tray which comes with 10 pieces.
It was 1200 Yen and yeah we decided let them surprise us.
We don't know what we're having.
We don't even know.
Technically you could order off the menu individually what you want to have but we thought this
would work.
Prices range from like 80 to 200 Yen on the menu depending how fancy the ingredients.
And there is one very strict rule here at this restaurant.
What is that?
You have the sauce.
You can only dip once.
That means no double dipping.
No triple dipping.
No like taking a bite exactly and oh I want more sauce dip it in some more.
If you want more sauce there is cabbage.
What you do is take the cabbage leaf.
And almost use it like a spoon.
To pour some sauce on your stick.
What an ingenious way of doing things.
That is just incredible.
So I think we should dig in because this is looking pretty good.
So I've had my eye on this one because it is one of the few things I can identify.
This is lotus root for sure.
Lotus root.
So I'm going to take it for a really good dunk.
Take it for a swim.
Since I only get one chance.
One shot.
And then we bite into it.
Oh wow.
Have I ever had lotus root?
This is very sweet.
This is a flavor I'm not really familiar with.
That is fascinating.
Trying new things here.
It is like sweet and almost floral.
That is really interesting.
Sam's turn over here.
Yes and this is a bit of a giveaway.
It looks like shrimp.
It sure looks like a shrimp.
Alright I'm taking it for a gigantic swim.
Duh da duh.
Look at it swimming.
Da da duh.
Just keep swimming.
Oh that is so juicy.
That shrimp is so juicy and I love the breaded crispiness of the batter.
This is awesome we just started.
We just started.
We just begun.
So I'm going to grab another one.
This looks like fish don't fail me.
And I'm going to demonstrate how you can use your little cabbage leaf for scooping.
So I haven't dipped it at all.
Let's make it happen.
But look.
Look at that.
It works out.
Quite well.
Zero contamination.
Because the cabbage has like these little pockets and ridges that collect the sauce.
It collects it really nicely.
So yeah give that a shot.
What do you think?
This one is good.
Is it good?
I do like this one.
I like it because I can identify it.
I always feel safer eating something I can identify.
So we found our next snack.
This is our third snack here in Dōtonbori (道頓堀).
And we found a gyoza (餃子) stand so we ordered up a little tray.
This was 400 Yen and you get 8 pieces.
So yeah and they also gave it to us with a bit of lime.
I've never had gyoza (餃子) with lime before but we were like why not.
Why not.
So I've squeezed a little bit of that on top and this is still steaming.
This is piping hot.
They prepared it fresh right in front of us.
What do you think?
Is it good?
That is good.
You know what?
It needs soy sauce.
It needs more soy sauce.
It needs a bit of soy sauce.
I just need that saltiness when I'm having gyoza (餃子).
There we go.
Oh look at all of that.
That is mandatory.
You drowned it in there.
Drowning it in there.
So now, now things should be right.
And I'm sure glad that we're eating it under cover.
Like it is chucking it down right now in terms of rain.
So much rain.
Look at this, this is like falling apart right in my chopsticks.
Yeah, I have to say the nice thing about this market.
Is that you have some covered sections so you can visit even on a rainy day.
Oh how is that?
I love how crispy it is on the outside but it is super juicy in the inside.
Some of the juiciest gyoza I've ever had before.
It is really tasty.
I like it a lot.
(Speaking Japanese)
(Rain sounds)
And when it rains in Osaka (大阪市) it pours.
It pours.
Oh my gosh how the weather has changed today.
So lucky we brought our umbrellas.
But anyways we are moving on to our 4th dish right now.
And we have something called Takoyaki (たこ焼き / 蛸焼).
Takoyaki (たこ焼き / 蛸焼) is basically a ball shaped snack.
It is made with batter.
It has chopped up octopus.
It has pickled ginger.
Um and then once it is ready they put on a bit of barbecue sauce, some mayo and these
little things that you see moving around.
That is bonito flakes.
It is fish flakes.
Um the first time I saw that I was like is this alive.
I know.
I'm eating something that is still moving.
It is like why is it moving?
But yeah this should be tasty.
So I forgot to mention but this is actually a dish that originated in Osaka (大阪市)
in the 30s so if you come here like you have to try Takoyaki (たこ焼き / 蛸焼).
It is just mandatory.
How could you not?
Look at these little balls.
It is one of the most iconic food items you can try in Osaka (大阪市).
For sure.
For sure.
And they are so like malleable.
Wow, look at that.
Look at that.
So let's bite into it.
It is performance art watching them prepare it too.
It is quite impressive.
Oh man I should not blow on it the flakes are like flying away.
Piping hot huh?
Piping hot.
So my impressions.
I thought this ball was going to be a lot more solid but now that I've bitten into it
inside it is just very juicy.
It is still very like moist and mushy and gooey.
And a little bit mushy.
So it s definitely something that you can't just be eating with your hand.
You need chopsticks or like a little toothpick or something.
Yeah, exactly.
Otherwise it would just disintegrate.
Let's have one more bite.
And you can see the chunks for octopus as well.
There it is.
The octopus, a little bit of chopped chives.
It is pretty tasty I have to say.
Oh wow you can see it.
And the price for this we paid 450 Yen and you get 6 pieces.
Good stuff huh?
Alright mister.
Let's try this.
The takoyaki (たこ焼き / 蛸焼).
Piping hot.
In he goes.
Zooming into that face.
Will he like it?
Will he not.
Oh I really like it.
You are right this is the mushiest kind we've ever tried before.
We've had more crispy kind.
And we've also had ones that have been prepackaged and they've almost been a little dry.
So this feels a lot more like the real deal.
Like the more authentic type of yeah local dish that it is meant to be.
It is so flavorful and good.
Yeah with that sauce and the mayo and the flakes.
I love it.
Good stuff.
I love it.
Last but not least yep.
We need dessert.
Moving on to dessert.
So take a look at this guys it is melting quickly.
I've got a big scoop of vanilla ice cream (Monaka - 最中).
I have red bean paste.
Red bean paste and then I have uh an outer shell here.
It looks crunchy.
So let's try that.
It looks good.
How is that?
That is nice.
Oh yeah.
And as Sam finishes off the ice cream the price for that was a 160 Yen.
Good value.
Not bad.
Alright so Sam had ice cream.
I am having Warabimochi (蕨餅).
And I kind of have to assemble this myself.
So the mochi (餅 - もち) comes in this little plastic container.
Oh that almost looks like jelly.
And then we're going to have to add this powder on top.
Let's do it.
So this mochi (餅 - もち) is our last Japanese dessert.
On this street food tour.
This is the very last food item from this Japanese street food tour here in Osaka.
Kind of sad.
That is very gentle mochi (餅 - もち).
I've been eating a lot of mochi since we arrived in Japan.
This one is clear in color.
And it is more jelly-like.
It just moves more.
It is softer.
It is squirmy.
It is nice.
And I really like it with this powder that we've added on top.
And this one was what 260?
This one was 280.
Oh 280 sorry.
So a bit more than yours.
But it is a very mild sweetness.
It is a nice dessert to finish off with.
Excellent choice.
It is time to say goodbye.
It is always sad when the street food tour is ending.
Because we just love street food so much.
And I have to admit this is the first time we've ever filmed street food in the rain
so it was an interesting procedure.
Anyways we really enjoyed this street food tour here in Osaka (大阪市) and if you
want to see more Japanese food and travel content stay tuned because we have a lot more
Bye for now.
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Japanese Street Food Tour in Osaka, Japan

523 Folder Collection
Mayu Okuuchi published on December 12, 2019
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