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  • Well, hello there!

  • Today I'm going to show you how to make a lovely summer salad from some possessed vegetables.

  • Just so you can see the subtle differences for yourselves.

  • This is your average cucumber, and this is a cucumber I picked up the last time I crossed over into the fourth dimension of darkness.

  • So, let's prepare it for our salad!

  • First, you'll need to remove the thorns.

  • I would recommend using a pair of pliers for this.

  • You need to be very careful with the thorns, as they contain a venom that can bring on a chesty cough and instant insanity.

  • So, next, create two incisions along the length of the vegetable like so and remove this segment and set it aside.

  • You should now be able to see the spine running along the length of your cucumber.

  • This should come out fairly easily with the help of a teaspoon handle or similar shaped object.

  • This could be a nice little treat for your dog!

  • Greens are good for you, Rover.

  • Then, simply cut up the cucumber and add it to your salad bowl.

  • Next we have the gem lettuce.

  • Or (foreigner language) to give it its native name.

  • Now, be careful removing the outer leaves, as the teeth are sharp.

  • Very sharp.

  • And once you've found the mouth, hold the lettuce upright and drop a gummy bear into it.

  • As he eats it, the goodness in the gummy bear is going to neutralise that evil taste you'd otherwise be left with.

  • Whilst he's occupied chewing, just go ahead and roughly chop him up.

  • This can also then just be added to our bowl.

  • Next we have our peppers.

  • I tend to opt for red peppers as I prefer the taste and yellow peppers from this realm also tend to be full of human teeth.

  • So take your red pepper and cut it open.

  • As you can see, we're going to need to remove this pepper's heart of darkness.

  • If you just go ahead and open up the ribcage with your fingers, then you can pull out the heart and set it aside.

  • The ribcage can then be taken out as well, but I tend to leave them in to add to the overall crunch.

  • Your call!

  • Now our salad is assembled, I would recommend dressing it in a vinaigrette with a holy water base.

  • Or at least get a priest to bless your balsamic.

  • This really just helps to ensure the salad won't try and possess you or come alive and eat your eyes.

  • And lastly, sprinkle a few cubes of feta cheese over the top.

  • And you're finished!

  • A lovely summery salad made from...

  • Oh my god. It got me.

  • Hey, thanks for watching my video!

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  • Now, I need to find a priest!

Well, hello there!

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How to make a salad from possessed vegetables

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    Mackenzie posted on 2020/01/30
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