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- [Nick] Yo, Black Squad step up, Red Squad step up.
DJ D-Wrek drop the beat.
(hip-hop beat)
Uh, clap, clap, clap, uh.
A-Town, clap, A-Town clap.
Bring 'em out, bring 'em out.
I can't believe your wife let you out the house
I just got a text, you can't even rhyme
because Alicia said it's go home time.
(audience laughing)
- [DC] Ha ha! (bell dings)
That was a good one, Nick.
- Nick Canon coming with Nicki Minaj flow.
Look at his feet, he got Nicki Minaj glow.
Come and dance and you go bit slow pro.
Man don't suck (beeps) in slow mo.
(audience laughing) (bell dings)
- [DC] Okay Swizz Beatz.
- Kash, you thinking that you hot,
I'ma tell you hardly, you'll never be Nikki, Kim or Cardi.
Speaking of rappers, let me bring it back
you look like Remy Ma if she started smoking crack.
(audience laughs)
- Okay, okay that's enough! (bell dings)
- Wait, wait!
- Aye hold up, say something else about Kash Doll
I'm getting ignorant, I wanna announce
that Kash Doll got me pregnant.
(audience laughing) (bell dings)
- We got you, yo, I'm the best at it
I sound clever don't I?
The red screen wack
that's for whoever want it.
Look I hire your friend, I stay (beep)
Carlos better get back before he get fired again.
Look DC, (bell dings)
you gotta damn jarhead,
and little bobb'e still sleep in a card bed.
I'll tell you and the roots you lack,
if you take your panties off
I bet it smell like juicy crab.
(audience laughing) (bell dings)
- [Bobb'e] Listen, listen,
listen, listen!
Hey Hitman, hey Hitman come back!
Come back my friend!
Now come on head, now by now
you should know better than to mess with me,
yo teeth bigger than your music career can ever be.
(audience cheers)
(bell dings)
- Yeah you said something about me too.
You ain't a real gangster
I don't care what you say say.
You don't fight people
I saw you doing the nae nae.
(audience laughs) (bell dings)
- Aye look this how we finna do it look.
Eminem's talking, come on look.
Now everybody in the four oh four,
put your mother (beep) hands up and scream some more.
Now everybody in the four oh four,
put your mother (beep) hands up.
Listen, notice how the red team is standing tough
but also know how none of them put their hands up.
Matter fact DJ D-Wrek go acapella
let me finish on these good fellas.
(audience cheers)
(hip hop beat scratching)
See DC I did my research
it took you a bunch of vine videos
just to get on this show it took me one
we all know that was the (beep) challenge.
So if we talking good given
that's like comparing a dog to a (beep) talent.
- Ohh!
- That's crazy! (bell dings)
and that (beep) right there is not true.
That's why yo ass gotta be somebody else on every show
'cause these mother (beep) don't know you.
(audience laughing)
- Hold on, hold on! (bell dings)
hold on, hold on, hold on!
(bell dings) (air horns)
Nah DJ D-Wrek hold on, hold on, hold on.
- Give him one more! - Hold on!
- [DC] Give him one more!
- It's funny DC, I already knew what you was about to say
how I'm only on the show 'cause
I can sing, dance and impersonate.
- Okay. - But hold on,
(bell dings)
The ironic thing is I actually do a good impression of dude.
But even when I'm doing an impression of you
your baby mama knows I'm the better version of you.
- [Nick] Ooh.
(Audience cheers) (bell dings)
- All right that's cool but it's time
for me to pass the class,
and since you wanna be Eminem so bad
it was me, yo girl and two other (beep)
at four in the morning,
now that's what I call a shady aftermath.
(audience cheers)
(bell dings) (air horns blowing)
- Yo D-Wrek who won this, man?
- Yo it was really good.
Red squad did really good
but I gotta give it to the black squad.
Make some noise for the black squad.
(audience cheering)
- [Nick] Wow, Swizzy took the comedy crown.
♪ Wild Out, we gon' wild out. ♪
♪ We gon' wild out. ♪
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DC Young Fly Shuts Eminem DOWN

37 Folder Collection
楊博涵 published on December 10, 2019
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