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  • Hello! Welcome back on my channel.

  • I'm Charlotte and for today's video I'm going to try out four Taiwanese snacks

  • that look a little bit strange to me and that I never tried before.

  • I just bought them randomly. I didn't ask for the most popular ones in Taiwan or anything

  • I just went to the store and I looked at what looked interesting to me

  • And those are the ones I chose.

  • The first one I want to try is the sliced tofu, because honestly to me, this one looks the least good.

  • I want to get it over with first, so that I can still have some tasty things afterwards.

  • Let's see!

  • This has a really strong smell. I don't know what it smells like. I can't really compare it to anything I know.

  • Cheers!

  • It's much harder than I expected

  • No. This one I don't like at all. Oh my God.

  • I'm going to have to ask my flatmates to help me and finish this

  • Now for the second oneThis is the crispy seaweed, but it's a spicy version.

  • Look at this little man suffering. That will be me in a minute maybe.

  • You know what's really funny? Sometimes, on packaging or commercials here

  • When they write something in English it doesn't really make sense.

  • Like here, the description of this isDelicious with good from the sea”.

  • There's a lot inside. When I see it, at first, it just looks like a normal seaweed snack.

  • But there's a different smell to it. Something more.

  • Okay, let's try it!

  • It's super crispy. I like it.

  • There's nothing spicy yet but sometimes it sneaks up to you later.

  • Usually I can't handle spicy at all, but this oneIt's bearable.

  • It's really delicious!

  • We don't have seaweed snacks in Belgium, only when you go to a special Asian store

  • But I really love them and I also think they're more healthy than many other snacks.

  • I really like this one!

  • Maybe it's even better than the not spicy one. Cause you have a little bit more taste.

  • I can definitely feel the spiciness building up after each bite,

  • so maybe after you eat a few of these you can't have any more.

  • On to our next snack!

  • This one, the jackfruit, is probably the one I have the highest expectations for cause I'm such a jackfruit lover

  • And I only had a few opportunities in my life to try it.

  • I never tried the dried jackfruit and I'm very very curious. Let's see.

  • It has a different colour than I expected. Jackfruit is very fresh yellow.

  • The dried one, not as much. It's kind of brownish.

  • The taste is all that matters, right? Let's give it a try.

  • Not bad.

  • It's not bad but not as good and heavenly as I expected.

  • The fresh jackfruit, I just love the texture it has. And here, after it's dried this texture is kind of lost.

  • Now it's very similar to the dried mango for example. But it's good.

  • I'll definitely finish this easily.

  • I really wish I can eat jackfruit again. The real deal.

  • The very last one we have here is the Boba chocolates.

  • I'm really excited about this. I like bubble milk tea and I suppose this has to do with it?

  • Since there's a picture of bubble milk tea on the cover. So let's see.

  • They are each packed separately. Like this.

  • Not super eco-friendly, they could have used another material to pack them. Let's try!

  • The colour is different than I expected. It looks like

  • Not white chocolate but something in between milk chocolate and white chocolate.

  • I'm not sure if you can see it well

  • Oh yeah, I can taste it. There's a pearl from the bubble milk tea inside of it.

  • I love the chewy texture.

  • This one is really good. Maybe I'm biased cause I'm in love with all sweet things

  • It's a very good idea, I think.

  • I'm not sure if the chocolate though, is the best one I've tried.

  • Especially cause my country, Belgium, produces such good chocolate

  • But I love the idea of this bubble inside so this one

  • Approved by me!

  • If I had to choose the best one and rank them, I would say

  • In the last place, that's really easy, definitely this one. The sliced tofu was nothing for me.

  • I don't like the smell, I don't like the texture, I don't like anything about it. So that's not really my thing.

  • Then, in the third place comes jackfruit, I would say.

  • Even though it was not bad, it just doesn't do the real fruit justice, so I was disappointed.

  • Then it's kind of hard, cause both of these snacks were really nice, but it depends what mood you're in, you know?

  • Sometimes I just have a craving for salty, sometimes sweet.

  • If I just can pick one, I probably would say Boba chocolates on the second place

  • And the crispy seaweed on the first one. Cause this is just a super nice snack that I will definitely buy again many times.

  • I really like it. That's my ranking.

  • That's it for today's video. I hope you enjoyed!

  • I definitely am happy that I discovered this new seaweed snack. It's a new favourite of mine.

  • I'm curious to know which one is your favourite snack in this list, if you have tried them before.

  • I'm also wonderingIs there anyone on this planet who really likes the sliced tofu one?

  • I hope to see you again in the next video really soon!

  • Don't forget to like and subscribe. Bye bye!

Hello! Welcome back on my channel.

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