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-I want to do --
since the name of the albu is "Romance,"
maybe a little romance rapid-fire questions.
Is that okay? -Oh, okay.
-So don't think too much. -Okay.
-Just whoosh, whoosh. Just tell me --
Yeah, here we go. Ready? -Okay.
Question one, what's your favorite love song of all time
-Ooh, only one. -There's no judgment,
no judgment. -Alright, okay.
Well, I would say -- it changes,
but right now, I don't kno if you know this song.
You have to listen to it.
It's called "Heart's on Fire by Passenger.
Does anybody know this song? -I know Passenger.
-You should li-- Thank you for the one clap
that's the person that knows this song.
-That is Passenger. That is Passenger. He's here
-Passenger! Such a fan of your work.
-I know Passenger, yeah. I love that other song.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -But "Heart's on Fire"?
-You've got to tell me yours too.
-Oh, mine -- theme from "SpongeBob."
-Oh, nice. [ Laughter ]
-What is the cheesiest pickup line anyone's
ever tried on you? -Ooh, cheesiest?
Okay, this is a real thing that a guy said to me once
This guy texted me. He was like --
he was like -- what did he say?
He was like, "You're like my coffee, brown and hot."
[ Laughter ] And I was like --
-What are you supposed to say to that?
-I didn't. -You're like -- yeah.
-I was like, no, nope, fine.
-Yeah, you're like, "Venti or grande?"
Yeah, you're like, "I don't know what to do.
Are we doing coffee things I can't do this for that long.
-It was weird. And I actuall did text him back.
I just said, "ha ha ha." [ Light laughter ]
-That's very nice. All right, here we go.
Describe your worst date ever.
-My worst date ever? Hmm.
Um, oh, yeah, okay.
So when I was younger, I liked this guy.
And he knew -- like, I had told him
that I didn't like scary movies.
Like, he knew that I just, like,
I genuinely didn't like scary movies.
Like, I would see them and I would, like, have nightmares
And I just -- -Me too.
-Yeah. -I still do.
-Do you like them now? -No.
-I kind of, like, with the right person, like,
you know, you can cuddle u and it can be kind of funny.
-Sure. -But, like, at the time,
I was like -- I don't know -I can't even watch "Dateline.
I have nightmares for weeks. -Me too! Me too.
-Awful. -And so, anyway --
and so this guy just, like invited me to the movie theate
and was like -- he wouldn't tell me what movie we were gonna see.
And then I show up and we se "Ouija" board.
And I was like, "what?"
-Oh, I don't even like -- the name scares me.
-It was terrifying. -And it's still in your head
It stuck in your head. -He thought it was gonna be cute
and that you know, I was gonna like, you know --
-Yeah, hold his hand. -Cuddle up and, like, whatever
And I was just, like -- uhh! -Yeah, frightening.
No, no, no. All right, good.
Now, last question.
Have you ever had a profil on a dating app?
-Um, actually I haven't.
-Be honest. -I haven't. Have you?
-No, are you kidding? I'm old. I'm 45.
[ Laughter ]
There was no Internet when I was dating.
-Just you and your wife textin each other through apps.
-No, we had like sun dials we'd move around.
[ Laughter ]
Internet? Please. -The good old days.
-You never thought about it? Like, "Maybe I'll try one"
-Um, I actually -- I don't know. I didn't --
I feel like I just --
I prefer to meet someone kind of the old fashioned way.
-In person? -I know that's like a cliché
thing to say but -- -Yeah.
-Yeah, no, I never did it.
-That's so cool. -I think maybe three more months
and I would have done it, 'cause I was single forever.
-Oh, really? -Yeah.
-You were almost there and you're like,
"Okay, I'm not doing it." -Yeah, three more months
and I would have been like "Tinder, Raya" --
-Yeah, there we go, yeah.
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Camila Cabello Answers Rapid-Fire Questions on Romance

467 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on December 8, 2019
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