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Hey, folks. It's David here. 嗨 大家好 我是David
Right now, I'm in Syuejia District in northwestern Tainan. 我現在在臺南西北處的學甲區
Now as you all know, Syuejia is famous for its milkfish, 說到學甲你可能會想到虱目魚
but it's got so much to offer than that. 但其實這裡還有很多好玩好吃的東西
So let's go and check it out! 跟我們去逛一逛吧!
This is the famous Syuejia Cihji Temple. 這裡就是知名的學甲慈濟宮
Built in 1661, it's perhaps one of the oldest and biggest temples in Syuejia. 學甲慈濟宮建立於1661年,可以說是學甲最老最大的宮廟
Now, Syuejia Cihji Temple is known for its tsiūnn-pe̍h-ta ceremony. 學甲慈濟宮最有名的就是上白礁活動
What exactly is this tsiūnn-pe̍h-ta ritual? 到底上白礁是什麼活動呢?
Let's go find out! 我們一起去瞧瞧!
Right now, we're inside Cihji Temple. 我們現在來到了慈濟宮
Cihji Temple was built to worship Baosheng Emperor, 慈濟宮主奉保生大帝
who is the god of medicine. 保生大帝是主掌醫療的神祇
Cihji Temple celebrates its famous tsiūnn-pe̍h-ta event 慈濟宮在每年農曆3月11日
on Mar. 11st in Chinese lunar calendar. 舉行著名的上白礁
The event is to commemorate the safe landing of Baosheng Emperor 主要是為了紀念保生大帝
in Taiwan in the 17th century. 在17世紀時平安渡海來臺
The tsiūnn-pe̍h-ta event is held to pay tribute to the original Cihji Temple in China. 上白礁活動即「上白礁謁祖祭典」
It is held on Mar. 11st of the Chinese lunar calendar every year 每年農曆三月十一日
at Touqianliao besides Jiangjun Stream. 在將軍溪畔「頭前寮」舉行祭典
The ritual attracts countless pilgrims and tourists 吸引非常多的信徒及遊客前來觀賞
and is an extremely important even in Syuejia. 也是學甲非常重要的活動
As a religious center in Syuejia, earlier on we actually saw 這裡是學甲的信仰中心 剛才我們看到
pilgrims from other cities paying homage to Baosheng Emperor. 很多外縣市的信徒前來祭拜保生大帝
This was actually carved on the 9th year of Qianlong, 這些碑文是在乾隆九年時雕刻的
which was in 1744 , a long time ago. 也就是西元1744年,歷史非常悠久
This is it. 就是這裡
This is the famous koji pottery work made by none other 這就是知名的交趾陶作品
but the master Yewang himself. 是由交趾陶宗師葉王親手打造的
Right behind Cihji Temple, we are at Cihfu Temple, 慈濟宮的正後方就是慈福寺
which is a shrine dedicated to Guanyin. 主要供奉的神祇為觀音佛祖
This is very interesting because it creates the perfect example 這非常特別 代表的是佛道兩大宗教
of Daoist and Buddhist religions existing together in harmony. 和諧共存的完美範例
If you're a fan of old temple architecture and religious traditions, 如果你熱愛傳統寺廟建築和宗教信仰的話
the temple is the place to visit. 一定要親自來這裡走一趟
After visiting local cultural assets, 欣賞在地文化後
let's go check out local delicacies with David. 接下來跟David去品嚐在地美食
Syuejia is synonymous of milkfish cuisines, 學甲本身可以說就是虱目魚的代名詞
Milkfish congee, milkfish balls, all sorts of milkfish goodies. 這裡有虱目魚粥、虱目魚丸等各式各樣的虱目魚美食
It's lunch time right now. I'm starving. 現在是午餐時間 我肚子好餓
So let's have a taste! 一起去品嚐看看吧!
Here we are! 就是這裡!
Look at these lovely dishes! 看看這一道道的美食!
I'm very excited actually. 我真的非常期待
Let's ask the owner of this establishment, Mr. Lai, 讓我們請虱目魚粥店的老闆賴先生
to introduce us to these awesome dishes. 幫我們介紹這幾道美食
Mr. Lai, can you tell us a bit about these dishes? 賴老闆這些可不可以幫我們介紹一下
This is milkfish. It's the most famous product of this place. 這個是我們當地最有名的虱目魚
The milkfish belly is boneless. 虱目魚肚 這是無刺的
And this is braised grass carp. 這是紅燒的草魚料理
This is fried dorsal meat of milkfish. 這是虱目魚的魚背 魚肉下去酥炸的
These are milkfish balls. 這也是虱目魚丸
The milkfish balls are all handmade. 對 這是純手工的虱目魚丸
This dish here is not milkfish. 這一道菜不是虱目魚
It's a type of carp that has been braised. 算是一種紅燒草魚
It still looks pretty fine, 看起來很不錯
so we're going to try this later as well. 等一下我們也會試試這道菜
Can you guess what this is? 大家知道這是什麼嗎?
You can only find this in Tainan and nowhere else. 這道菜只有在台南才能找得到
This is the back of milkfish. 是虱目魚背
It's kind of like their back spine, 基本上就是虱目魚的背脊
and it's very very crunchy. 咬起來非常酥脆
There are milkfish fillets as well. 這些則是虱目魚肉
This is the famous milkfish congee. 這道就是非常有名的虱目魚粥
And it's not just any milkfish fillet. 這裡面的虱目魚肉非常特別
It's been deboned, so you don't have to worry about 已經去除魚刺 所以不用擔心
choking on the little bones. 會被那些細小的魚刺噎到
These are purely handmade milkfish balls as well. 這些虱目魚丸都是純手工製作
It's pretty common to have milkfish belly in the congee, 虱目魚粥裡很常能看到虱目魚肚
but I'm not pretty sure about these milkfish balls. 不過我不太確定這些魚丸是怎麼做的
I think they're made with other parts. 應該是用虱目魚其他部位製作而成
So let's ask Mr. Lai about it. 讓我們來問問賴老闆
Mr. Lai, 請問賴老闆
normally milkfish belly is cooked with congee or just fried. 一般魚肚是煮粥或煎(魚肚)比較多
But which part of a milkfish are the milkfish balls made of? 那魚丸是用魚的哪個部位呢?
The fish balls are made of ground fish fillet 魚丸是用魚肉絞碎
and seasonings. 再加入粉(調味料)製作而成
So we can use any parts of a milkfish to make the balls? 所以任部位都可以嗎?
No, we can't. Just the dorsal meat of milkfish 沒有 只有魚背可以做魚丸而已
because there is too much lipid in the belly. 如果是魚肚會太油沒辦法做魚丸
it can't maintain the shape of the balls. 不能成型
Right. 對
According to Mr. Lai, 根據賴老闆的解說
the only part of a milkfish to be allowed to make 虱目魚全身只有背部
a fish balls is its back. 能夠拿來做成虱目魚丸
There that's where it's the firmest. 因為背部的肉最扎實
You can't really use the belly because it's too soft 魚腹因為肉質太軟 無法成形
and won't really hold the shape together. 不能拿來做成魚丸
While you can find milkfish here around in the supermarket 在當地的超市和傳統市場
and traditional markets, 都可以買到虱目魚
I think there gonna be a season when it's the fattest, 但應該有個季節是魚肉最肥美的
so let's ask Mr. Lai about it. 我來問問看賴老闆
Mr. Lai, when is the best season for milkfish? 老闆 虱目魚有沒有什麼時候最豐收最肥美
Milkfish are fattest during summer, 肥美的時間大部分都是在夏天
so they taste the best in summer. 夏天的虱目魚最好吃
Apparently, summer is the season for milkfish. 也就是說,夏天是虱目魚的產季
That's when they are the fattest. 這個季節的魚肉最為肥美
Time to dig in! 來吃吃看吧!
You know, personally I love milkfish, 我個人非常喜歡虱目魚
and it reminds me of my grandma's cooking actually. 這讓我想起小時候奶奶煮的菜餚
The key to making a good milkfish congee is that 虱目魚粥美味的關鍵在於
the fish has to be ultra-fresh, 魚肉一定要非常新鮮
which is not a problem at all in Syuejia. 幸好在學甲這完全不成問題
Let's give it a try. 來試試看
It's so good, so tender. 非常好吃,魚肉也很軟
And you don't even have to worry about it being fishy 而且完全不需要擔心有魚腥味
because it's super fresh, and it doesn't have the fishy taste. 這魚肉非常的新鮮,半點腥味也沒有
Plus, it got no bone in it, so you don't have to pick out any bones. 再加上這些魚肉都已經去除過魚刺,品嚐時不用再挑魚刺
It's great. 真的非常棒
This is a piece of deep-fried milkfish back. 這塊是酥炸虱目魚背
It's the back spine of a milkfish. 是用虱目魚的背脊做的
To make this, you have to first sun-dry the meat. 這道菜首先要先將虱目魚肉曬乾
Then you fry it. 接著再煎魚肉
And as far as I know, 據我所知
you can't find this anywhere else other than Tainan. 這道菜只有在台南才能品嚐到
It's very crunchy. 咬起來非常酥脆
It's got milkfish oil, and it has a very distinct aroma, 魚肉裡面帶著虱目魚油,有種非常獨特的香氣
which I love completely to death! 我愛死這種味道了!
Fantastic! 非常好吃!
This is something that's really unique. 這道菜非常特別
You guys know what this is? 大家知道這是什麼嗎?
This is actually milkfish intestine, 這是虱目魚腸
so it's not a form famed part, 外型可能看起來不是很討喜
but personally I love it. 但我自己非常喜愛
Next time you guys come to Syuejia, 如果有機會來到學甲
you have to try milkfish. 一定要來試試看這裡的虱目魚
If you don't, you're going to regret. 不然你一定會後悔
That's like going to Italy and not trying pizza. 就好像到了義大利卻沒有吃到Pizza一樣
It's ridiculous. 這就太可惜了
People in Syuejia are really lucky 學甲當地人真的非常幸運
because they even have this for breakfast. 連早餐都可以吃到這些菜餚
After tasting the delicious milkfish, 品嚐美味虱目魚後
let's visit the farm village with David! 接下來跟David去體驗農村娛樂吧
We arrived in Dingnong Village. 我們現在來到了鼎農村
It's a work exchange fun camp. 這裡有提供打工換宿的活動
Here you can experience farming life hands-on. 可以來親自體驗農村生活
For a lot of kids nowadays, 現在大部分的孩子
they never had a chance to experience what it is like 都沒有什麼機會能體驗
to live on the farms, so this place offers this experience. 農村生活 而這裡提供了這樣的機會
This is Mr. Chen, the village chief. 這是村長陳先生
Hello, everyone. I'm the chief of Dingnong Village. 大家好 我是鼎農村的村長
I'm a local resident of Syuejia. 我是在地的學甲人
What made you decide to establish this place? 是什麼原因讓你決定創立基地呢?
And how long has it been? 鼎農村創立多久了?
I came back to my hometown eight years ago 我在八年前回來家鄉
and found this farmstead four years ago. 在四年前成立了這個基地
I hope I can help kids here know more about their village. 希望這個基地能讓小朋友更認識自己的家鄉
I can see it's a very, very large farmstead. 這片農莊面積非常大
What can we do here? 這裡可以做哪些活動呢?
What do people get to experience? 人們可以來這邊體驗什麼?
Currently in Dingnong Village, we offer tree-climbing activities. 目前鼎農村主要讓大家體驗的活動是攀樹課程
There are many old trees in farm villages, 因為農村裡面有很多老樹
but kids now seldom have the chance to climb trees. 可是小朋友都沒有機會接觸老樹
We introduced tree climbing skills from the West 所以我們現在把歐美的攀樹技術
to the village and teach them to kids. 帶進來農村裡面 帶領小朋友去認識
We can climb trees? 這裡可以爬樹?
Can we do that? 我們也可以嗎?
Ok, let's go! 當然,走吧!
Let's go! 走囉!
All right. We're almost ready. 好 我們差不多準備好了
What else do we need to climb the tree? 還需要什麼工具才能爬樹呢?
We need a climbing rope. 我們需要攀樹繩
After making sure that the place is safe 確定現場很安全之後
and the trunk is strong enough, we can hang the main rope. 樹幹也OK我們就把主繩掛上去
The main rope is not simply a scout rope. 主繩不是一般的童軍繩
It can bear a weight of two tons 它是可以承受兩公噸以上的繩子
and it has friction on it. 而且具有摩擦力
Before you experience tree climbing in the farm village, 體驗農村的爬樹經驗
keep in mind that adequate equipment is important. 配備很重要
Make sure you wear the correct equipment. Safety first. 配戴專業的裝備 安全第一
Now, let's climb up the tree. 那我們就一步一步往上爬了
All right! Got it! 沒問題,準備好了!
Let's go! 開始吧!
Go! Go!
David is definitely a brave boy. David果然是大膽王
Tree climbing is just a piece of cake for him. 爬樹對他來說一點也不困難
Many parents take their kids here to experience tree climbing. 這裡也有很多家長帶小朋友來體驗爬樹喔
That was quite an awesome experience. 這個體驗真的很棒
The last time I climbed a tree was maybe… 這距離我上次爬樹應該……
Oh I don't even know how long ago. 天啊 我完全想不起來多久以前了
It's when I was a little kid. 是我還很小的時候
I was climbing without any safety gear. 當時我完全沒有穿任何防護裝備
That was not safe at all. 真的非常危險
So it's my first time climbing a tree in a proper way. 這是我第一次在配備齊全的狀況下爬樹
Again, this is not something people get to experience often, 一般人可能很少有爬樹的經驗
especially if you live in the city. 如果各位居住在都市的話 更是如此
So if you're in Syuejia, 如果來到學甲
and you want to experience how to climb a tree 想體驗看看爬樹
and how to do things on a farmstead, 還有農事生活的話
this is a place to check out! 可以來這裡走一走喔!
After climbing the tree, 體驗攀樹後
let's go check out local agricultural products! 接下來去認識在地的農特產吧!
This is perhaps one of Syuejia's best kept secret. 這大概是學甲最鮮為人知的特產了
What's this? 這是什麼呢?
This is a noni fruit. 這種水果叫作諾麗果
Should I say it's famous? 該說它很有名嗎?
It's a bit infamous actually for its smell, 其實反而有點惡名昭彰,因為味道並不好聞
but it's supposed to be pretty good for you, 但諾麗果對身體應該還蠻不錯的
let's go and find out. 那就讓我們一起去瞧瞧吧!
Right now we're in the middle of a noni plantation. 我們現在就在諾麗果園裡
I think these plants have been artificially brought down, 這些諾麗果樹經過人工接種 變得比較矮
so it's easier to pick the fruit. 採收果實也更加方便
These guys are still really green. 現在這些果實都還是青綠色
Ideally, one waits for them to become yellow and translucent 理想上 要等到果實轉黃呈現半透明的時候
for them to be made into other products. 才能用來製作各式各樣的產品
These ones aren't ready yet. 這些果實還沒熟透
But this one is good to go. 這邊這顆已經成熟了
It's fully ripe. It's yellow and translucent. 果實完全熟透 呈現黃色半透明的狀態
Let's give it a sniff. 我們來聞聞看
I'm kind of scared. 我現在真的很緊張
The green one doesn't smell like anything at all. 綠色果實聞起來沒有什麼味道
It looks like a little pine cone, or also pineapples, 外觀看起來就像松果或是鳳梨
but these guys, it's totally different. 但各位 這一個就完全不一樣了
Again, it's like blue cheese that's been left in the sun for ten days. 聞起來就像是烈日下曝曬十天的藍起司
That's the only way I can put it. 我只想得到這種比喻
It tastes bad, 味道真的很糟糕
but actually it doesn't taste as bad as it smells. 但沒有聞起來那麼可怕
That's kind of surprising, but it's still very strong. 這點還蠻神奇的 但味道還是很濃烈
Not sweet at all. 一點也沒有水果的甜味
Noni juice is a special product produced by Syuejia Farmers' Association. 諾麗汁是我們學甲農會的特產
In July and August every year, 在每年的七八月份
we purchase noni fruits from local farmers. 來向我們在地的農友收購
It's a very healthy food. 是一種很好的食品
I hope everyone can come and try it. 希望大家一起支持
They said noni juice tastes better than noni fruits. 聽說諾麗汁比諾麗果好入喉
Come on. Give it a try, David! David快喝喝看吧!
We're in front of Syuejia's Farmers' Association, 我們現在在學甲區農會前
and here you can find a lot of noni fruit-related products. 這裡有各式各樣諾麗果製成的農產品
This is a bottle of noni juice. 我手上這瓶是諾麗果汁
Let's give it a shot. 來喝喝看
Oh yeah, it's good. 讚!蠻好喝的
Actually it doesn't taste too bad. 其實這不會難喝
Once you get passed the smell, it tastes kind of like fruit vinegar. 氣味散掉後 喝起來蠻像水果醋的
It's not sugary, and it's a bit sour. 不會太甜 有點微酸
But overall, it's a pleasant experience. 但整體來說還蠻不錯的
Next time you guys are in town, 下次如果來到學甲區
be sure to check out Syuejia's Farmers' Association 記得要來學甲的農會逛逛
and pick up some souvenirs! 挑選喜歡的伴手禮喔!
In addition to the special noni juice, 品嚐過特別的諾麗汁
Syuejia's Wetland Ecological Park is another special place we must visit. 來到學甲一定要到濕地生態園區走走
On the outskirt of Syuejia is this Wetland Ecological Park. 濕地生態園區位於學甲的外圍
This ecological park sits on the bank of Jishui River 座落在急水溪旁
and attracts many, many birds, especially in the winter. 每年冬天的時候更是吸引許多候鳥
In fact, this place is one of the major winter grounds 另外 這片濕地也是黑面琵鷺
for the famous black-faced spoonbill. 來臺過冬的主要棲息地
So if you're into bird-watching, 如果你是賞鳥愛好者的話
this is the place to check out. 一定要來這邊走一趟
The eco park has a diverse ecosystem. 這裡有非常豐富的生態
What's worth noting is that 特別值得一提的是
the mangrove here was grown by local residents. 這裡的紅樹林是當地居民種植的
They spent more than a decade to restore the beautiful land, 十幾年來默默地為這片土地復育出這樣美麗的生態
which attracts black-faced spoonbill in winter. 也吸引黑面琵鷺來這裡渡冬
Their love towards the land is touching. 這份愛護土地的心實在令人感動
If you love the nature, this is a place you can't miss out. 喜歡大自然的朋友一定不能錯過
Also, don't leave any litters after you when you visit here! 也希望大家來這裡欣賞景色不要留下垃圾
It's been such a long day in Syuejia, 經過一整天的學甲之旅
but it's such a fun place to visit. 發現這個地方真的很有趣
There are culture and temples. 這裡有文化、廟宇
And there's very crazy tasting noni fruit. 有吃起來非常奇怪的諾麗果
That's supposed to be good for you, anyways. 但諾麗果應該對大家健康很好啦
Of course, there is wildlife. 當然 還有野生生態
Look at the lovely sunset! 看看這夕陽多漂亮!
Next time you come to Tainan, 下次來到臺南
Syuejia is the place you must check out! 一定要來學甲走走逛逛喔!
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Hot Tainan EP10. A Trip to Syuejia

61 Folder Collection
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on December 7, 2019
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