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"Let's have a Game Night!" said Aunt Judy. "Yes!" cried Emmy and Harry.
First everybody played a board game.
Emmy rolled the dice across the board. She moved her piece five spaces.
Then Harry took a turn.
"I get to move six spaces!" said Harry. Everyone took more turns.
Soon Emmy's piece was in the lead.
Emmy rolled the dice again. "Ugh," said Emmy.
"I have to go back three spaces."
Then Harry moved 12 spaces. His piece reached Home first.
"I won!" said Harry. "I'm the best!"
Emmy frowned. "Be a good sport, Harry," said Mom.
Oliver frowned too.
"I wanted to win!" Oliver whined. "Be a good sport, Oliver," said Mom.
Next they played a guessing game.
Aunt Judy stood up and clapped her hands. "Are you at a concert?" asked Harry.
Aunt Judy shook her head but didn't say anything.
"Are you a seal?" asked Emmy. Aunt Judy nodded silently.
"Yay!" said Emmy. "I'm the best!" Harry sighed.
"Be a good sport, Emmy," said Mom.
Emmy stood up and flapped her arms. "Are you a bird?" asked Mom.
Emmy nodded.
"I'm the best!" shouted Mom. Dad gave Mom a look.
"Be a good sport, honey," he said.
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The Carter Family 1 | Game Night | Family | Little Fox | Animated Stories for Kids

269 Folder Collection
Venus published on December 7, 2019
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