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what is this?
It's a killer whale…
When they are captured to be showcased in aquariums
They have no more freedom
When they have no more freedom
Their fins bend over
So everyone…
Give killer whales their freedom
Stop the support of aquariums
Don't put orcas in cages please
Aquariums, sorry.
Not cages but I mean as in yeah
It's kind of their cage though
I got a new present today
Cool, what's that?
Girly lipstick
You probably don't care about this stuff
Yeah I don't
If you got new Yeezy's I'd be more interested
I am going to get new Yeezy's today
And that's that for PETA
Sundizz Show
Welcome to The Sundizz Show
Sis, who's car is this?
This is Lil' Bear's gift to me.
Oh, wow.
Okay, so how do I get on the car?
I have no clue
He kinda just gave it to me so I haven't quite figured it out yet
So maybe Allen, you sit up there
See ya later
You go in from here
pretty cool
We in a G thang
So what do you think of this car?
I like it.
You like it?
Yeah, it's cute. It's pretty cool.
It's yours now.
Yeah, Lil Bear gave it to me.
Lil Bear! Oh well…
I guess it's our car now.
Thank you!
Alright , you put that
Oh cool… Holy shit.
Sis, you got anything to say to Bear?
Thanks Lil Bear!
So we're driving a G500 soft top convertible today
They've stopped production on this car.
I think it's pretty dope.
We just tried opening the top three times.
And failed three times.
But we got it the last time.
Haven't use it before but it's kinda fun.
I think Dizzy looks good driving it.
I think people are probably wondering why we drive different cars everyday.
Because we know Lil Bear
We are at Imperial Taels now.
Nice. Dayam. Cool.
Pull that. Nice. Pretty dope.
zzzzzzzz ~~~~~~~~
Sundizz Show
Convertible looks sick
Holy shit.
The price has gone up for it.
Expensive shit.
Check this out.
Doesn't it look comfy?
So comfy.
Are you happy with your sofa.
Not bad.
Wanna have a sit?
let me try
Ah ~ (shown as the Soviet Union Lake)
Is there a bathroom?
It's right there.
Let me see your arm.
Not finished yet.
You did the outlines already?
Haven't finished it.
Looks sick.
You're lookin thorns?
Diao Bo.
Watch me do this. Watch me do this.
You catch it?
Ohhhh !! shit !!!!Did you get that?
You didn't f***** get that.
Show me.
Should I get silver?
You ready?
This is super disgusting.
I already picked strawberry flavour to try to make it better
This is strawberry flavoured?
This is already not that bad.
When you get your ear mould, that's gross too.
Say something Ken G
# @! $! $% @
That was so close though.
Oh shit oh shit.
Did you lose?
The Sundizz Show
The Sundizz Show
So we just went to hang with some friends at Imperial Taels
Now we're gonna take Mya and Max to the vet
But it's always a difficult process to get them into their transfer cages
Let's go to the Doctor.
I told you.
Max hates going out.
It's okay Maxie Boy.
Maxie's like one of those kids that cry non stop when their parents take them out.
Yeah, he's like that.
Max, you're chubby.
When he sees me, he runs.
He loves people rubbing his stomach
How come?
Usually cats don't let people touch their stomach
All out cats love it.
So Mya's just back for a follow up.
Yeah, she had dirty ears and we were worried about them getting infected or swollen
We have given her ear drops for a couple of days now
So it's better
Max. You poor thing.
He hears the other puppies here.
She wants to go in.
Bye Mya
Well we had a long day
We had work, we went to Imperial Taels and took two kitties to the vet
It's already dark out.
Now that is a good day.
Welcome to the sundizz show , this is our life.
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The Sundizz Show Vol.2

155 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on December 7, 2019
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