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English at Work, Episode 17: Lemon-sized luxury boxes, How to place an order
Welcome to the offices of TipTop Trading..
Anna, are you going to answer that?
Er, well, no. It's stopped now anyway.
... where Anna is behaving strangely.
I gave you a long lesson on how to answer the phone and you're still too scared!
It's not that.
For goodness sake!
Then what?
I recognise the number - it's Mr. Lime!
Ha! Old Slimy Limy! He must be absolutely desperate to get you to have lunch with him, Anna - even after your cruel rejection. Here, I'll answer for you.
I'll answer. Hello, Tip Top Trading, Anna's phone... no, this is Denise speaking, Anna's busy at the moment. Can I take a message?
Yes... right... I'll pass that on to her then... thank you for calling. Goodbye.
Nothing about lunch. he wants each Imperial Lemon you deliver to come in a luxury green box - like the one you had at the presentation.
My goodness, we don't have many in stock, we'll have to order some. Erm...
Hello, this is Anna speaking from Tip Top Trading. I want some Imperial Lemon sized luxury boxes.
Woah, woah, woah.
Let's make this order a bit more politely, okay?
Why are the English so obsessed with being polite?
Calm down Anna and listen to me. To put in an order for something, you need phrases like:
I'd like to place an order for...
We're going to need ...
Could you send...
Could we also have...
When can we expect to receive them?
Right... Hello, sorry about that... I'd like to place an order for some Imperial lemon-sized luxury boxes, please... we're going to need quite a few...
Could you send 300, please... yes... the green ones... could we also have the name of our company on the sides please...
When can we expect to receive them? Okay, thank you, goodbye.
There! How was that?
Good, well done!
You'd better phone back Mr Lime to confirm he can have his boxes!
Oh no!
He's your client!
Yes Anna, he's your client!
I'm scared he'll try and ask about lunch again.
Then send him an email.
Good idea!
Copy in me, Tom and Paul, so it's clear you only mean business.
Yes. Thanks Denise! An email is much safer.
Is it, Anna, is it? Hmmm...
Anyway, here are the phrases Anna used to place her order.
I'd like to place an order for...
We're going to need...
Could you send...
Could we also have...
When can we expect to receive them?
Let's see if Anna's email is really such a good idea. I have a bad feeling about it. Until next time!
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Placing an order – 17 – English at Work makes placing your order easy

1288 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on December 6, 2019
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