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Son, practicing hard on the violin there? You sound great.
Mom, it's a viola.
Wait, since when did you play the viola?
Mom, I've been playing the viola for the last five years.
Five years?
I thought you played the violin, I remember you taking your violin class.
Why are you playing the viola now?
My teacher made me change from violin to viola.
Because no one wanted to play viola.
Stop! Stop right there.
Your B is out of tune, in fact your intonation's all over the place, your rhythm's all over the place
Why are you not practicing with the metronome?
You just started practicing, you shouldn't have been playing your pieces.
You should be doing slow scales and long tones.
Your contact point's all over the place, your vibrato...
What are you even doing? You call that violin playing?
Get out of here
It's okay, we still have time for the next Menuhin Violin Competition.
Just do five hours of scales every day,
I'll be listening.
One second
Hold up
Son, you remember in the lesson last week,
your teacher said that
The bottom G should be a little bit more fuller in the bottom of the chords,
and the...
the sem-
seemeekwavers (semiquavers), the quick notes.
The teacher told you to make it more...
Rubayto (Rubato).
So yeah I'll be making sure to remind you and take notes every lesson.
Son, you're playing very good.
But you gotta understand
Music is not about the notes or the accuracy. Just...
You need to put more feeling into it.
Music, the music, I'm not feeling the feeling.
You need more presence,
Every time you pull that string,
It's like pulling on the heartstrings of people.
That's what music is about.
Hey mom, I've got a competition next week.
Can I play for you?
I don't know much about music anyway,
but I'm sure you'll be fine.
Okay. I'll just go practice then.
Oh and by the way,
Don't you think it's a little bit late to practice right now? Like...
You might piss off the neighbors.
Mom it's 11 o'clock...
in the morning
Oh my god!
Son, you sound so good!
So talented!
I'm so lucky, I have such a sweet, talented young boy like you.
The world is your oyster.
You're the best!
(Asian mom noise)
Why you still play out of tune?
It's been one year already la
You still sound like crap!
What happened?
I told you, Ling Ling already win the Menuhin Competition, you know?
Now he practice 72 hours a day
You still practice nothing!
You still sound like this?
Last time I kung pao your chicken.
This time I sichuan your pepper, and mapo your tofu.
I ran into Ling Ling's mother the other day,
in Chinatown.
You know what she say?
She said Ling Ling already doctor la!
Ling Ling save life, what you doing huh?
Why you always making so many mistakes in your playing, huh?
You think it's okay to make mistakes in playing?
Every time you play one note out of tune,
it's like you make mistake in surgery.
If you perform surgery the way you practice your scales,
the patient already dead la.
You embarrass me!
Oh hey, by the way,
come, come, come come come. Here, come here.
You should hurry up and go buy the practice shirt right now.
Everybody, look how handsome,
how beauty,
how good quality cotton it is.
Go buy!
But mom, it's not out yet.
What do you mean it's not out yet?
Cause it launches on the 18th of May.
Aiyo, doesn't matter la.
People need to see!
The 18th or the 8th, doesn't matter.
Every dollar count.
Look, see, even say practice!
Ling Ling's mother make Ling Ling wear the shirt all the time.
That's why he practice so much.
But why you still no practice huh?
Don't want to s-
Anyway, go buy the shirt right now.
It comes out...When does it come out?
18th of May.
Yeah, yeah! Practice!
Go buy the shirt right now.
Good value!
Look how beauty,
Look how Gucci!
Oh, all the LV mothers be jealous now!
Ho ho ho ho
Now Tiffany and...
Hey! Why you still here, huh?
Go practice!
Done! Get out of here.
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213 Folder Collection
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