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-Let me ask you a question:
with this Nadler now running this Soviet style investigation.
-A Soviet-style inquiry. -The only place I can think
of where we had trials like this is in the Soviet Union.
-Maybe in the Soviet Union
this kind of thing is commonplace.
-The Democrats' ongoing secret Soviet-style,
what I call, impeachment coup attempt.
-Hold Soviet-style, closed-door,
guilty-until-proven-innocent investigation.
-It's just the latest pathetic attempt by people
that never accepted the results of the 2016 election
and want to influence the next election.
-This Ukrainian hoax is turning into a Soviet-styled
silencing of the press,
with the Democrats leaking out only portions of the transcript
that might help keep them from allowing Donald Trump
to be re-elected again.
-The Soviet-style proceedings being run by House Democrats.
-This sham process as has been done in the Soviet Union
should not be done in the halls of congress.
-Congressman Schiff runs this thing like a Soviet show trial.
-Their attempt today to try and open these proceedings
is nothing short of Soviet glasnost.
-The star chamber Soviet-style proceedings.
-A Soviet-style tar --
star chamber to remove the duly elected president.
-This secret Soviet-style impeachment coup attempt.
-This is Soviet-style rules!
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House Republicans and Fox News mimic ‘Soviet-style’ impeachment talking points

36 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on December 6, 2019
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