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  • bjbjqPqP I believe I've isolated the algorithm for making friends. Sheldon, there is no algorithm

  • for making friends. Hear him out. If he's really onto something, we could open a booth

  • at Comic-Con. Make a fortune. See, my initial approach to Kripke had the same deficiencies

  • as those that plagued Stu the Cockatoo when he was new at the zoo. Stu the Cockatoo? He's

  • new at the zoo. It's a terrific book. I've distilled its essence into a simple flow chart

  • that will guide me through the process. Have you thought about putting him in a crate while

  • you're out of the apartment? Hello, Kripke? Sheldon Cooper here. It occurred to me you

  • hadn't returned any of my calls because I hadn't offered any concrete suggestions for

  • pursuing our friendship. Perhaps the two of us might share a meal together. I see. Well,

  • then perhaps you'd have time for a hot beverage? Popular choices include tea, coffee, cocoa.

  • I see. No, wait. Don't hang up yet. What about a recreational activity? I bet we share some

  • common interests. Tell me an interest of yours. Really? On actual horses? Tell me another

  • interest of yours. I'm sorry. I have no desire to get in the water till I absolutely have

  • to. Tell me another interest of yours. - He's stuck in an infinite loop. - I can fix it.

  • Interesting, but isn't ventriloquism by definition a solo activity? Tell me another interest

  • of yours. Is there any chance you like monkeys? What is wrong with you? Everybody likes monkeys.

  • Hang on, Kripke. A loop counter and an escape to the least objectionable activity. Howard,

  • that's brilliant. I'm surprised you saw that. Gee, why can't Sheldon make friends? All right,

  • Kripke, that last interest strikes me as the least objectionable, and I would like to propose

  • that we do that together. Tomorrow. Yes, I'll pay. Normal Microsoft Office Word Title Microsoft

  • Office Word Document MSWordDoc Word.Document.8

bjbjqPqP I believe I've isolated the algorithm for making friends. Sheldon, there is no algorithm

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The Big Bang Theory - The Friendship Algorithm

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    Linda Wu posted on 2013/11/25
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