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G'day I'm a dad, and welcome to the ABCs of parenting.
A. Annoying.
Kids can be annoying sometimes... okay, a lot of the time.
B. Beautiful.
Because I have to say something positive in this video.
C. Colorful... language will be unavoidable sometimes.
D. Daily.
You have to do this whole parenting thing daily, as in every day, as in no days off for like the next 18 years.
E. Exhausting.
F. Fun...ky.
Being a parent can smell pretty funky.
Windows down! Hold ya breath!
G. Greedy.
Kids eat like a pig and a dog kind of mixed together, they're pig dogs.
H. Hellish.
Being a parent can be quite hellish, and it's up to you to find your kind of happy place amongst this newfound hell.
I. Ice cream.
You'll never be able to drive pass another ice-cream store without a kid screaming at you...ICE CREAM!
J. Juice.
You'll offer them water, they'll always want juice.
K. Kites.
Kids love kites... don't fly them in thunderstorms.
L. Late.
Go go go go go !!!!!
You'll never be on time to anything ever again.
Like, ever, I was late posting this video because of my kids.
M. Messy.
Kids are naturally messy and then that messiness rubs off on you and in a few years time you'll catch a glimpse yourself in the mirror and be like "holy crap what have I become?"
N. No.
The most used word in the English Oxford Parenting dictionary.
O. Old.
Parenting makes you old, congratulations you're gonna age three times faster than all your non-parent friends.
P. Pee... as in pee and poop... yay you're now a professional poo and pee cleaner.
Q. Quick.
With a house full of kids and Mum and Dad "alone time" will have to be very quick.
Not that I'm complaining really...
R. Rain.
Rain means that you and the kids are now stuck inside, like just...
S. Sleep.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
T. Tired.
Like all the time, it'll just never leave you, it's just constant like....
U. Unaffordable.
Those kids are gonna bleed you dry, every dollar.
V. Vases.
Yeah these things, anything breakable will get broke.
Much like your new financial situation as a parent...
W. Wetting-the-bed.
Just put the kid to bed in the bath.
X. X-rays.
They're not cheap.
Y. Every parent's most hated letter.
Why!? WHY!? Why!?
Z. Zebra.
Zebras have black and white stripes that help them like blend into the surroundings and hide away.
I hide by locking the toilet door.
And that was your parenting ABC, next time won't you come and be a parent with me.
It's great.
It's really good, it's good.
Um if you liked that video, that breakdown of the ABC... sorry I'm very tired.
Um, if you could just like the video that means a lot, and if you haven't yet you can subscribe somewhere in the screen
You done it?
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1478 Folder Collection
Angel Hsu published on December 2, 2019    Angel Hsu translated    Steve reviewed
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