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I graduated from college in 1951.
This was the six years after the end of the war,
and a lot of new ideas were coming into Japan -- democracy, women's
education. It was a rather exciting time. There were opportunities for graduate
students, but the interesting part of The Rotary Foundation fellowship seemed to
me that you were supposed to be the ambassador going to another country to
build friendship and understanding.
That was rather attractive to me -- to go abroad and study.
It was very exciting.
Americans were generous -- this was the time when America was very confident as
the world leader. I went to many Rotary meetings. I was very happy to be exposed
to this world of organized service. I was learning a new way of life that I
was trying to bring back to Japan.
I don't think I can claim to have chosen a path to service because my service was
very much more in the academic world in the diplomatic world. But if I had not
gone on a Rotary fellowship I would have just stayed in the University.
I think the idea of service may have come in rather naturally
because of my early exposure.
Each person gives something back in a different way.
Rotary Alumni Global Service Award.
This is a great honor and a surprise pleasure.
I would like to thank Rotary because it was great fun being invited to various
places or represented by people of very varied what shall I say professional
coverage, and I learned so much but I have to having been a Rotary fellow.
Arigato. Thank you very much.
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'The Idea of Service' -- Sadako Ogata Looks Back

120 Folder Collection
Taka published on December 2, 2019
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