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  • China is known for all sorts of knockoffs.

  • But this one will blow your mind.

  • Welcome back to China Uncensored.

  • I'm Chris Chappell.

  • The Eiffel Tower.

  • The architectural marvel that made this city famous.

  • I'm talking, of course, about the city of... Hangzhou, China!

  • Yes, Hangzhou, known in ancient times for its divine pagodas, grand canal, and peerless beauty.

  • Now, it's also known for its large-scale knockoff of Paris.

  • Back in 2007, ambitious developers began building what they call the "Tianducheng Resort" on the outskirts of Hangzhou.

  • And for millions of Chinese citizens who may never get a chance to leave the country, it gives them an opportunity to at least get a glimpse of bon Paris... even if it's a knockoff.

  • And really, who can tell the difference?

  • Seriously, do you think you can?

  • I'm going to show you 20 side-by-side images from French photographer François Prost.

  • In each slide, one photo was taken in Paris and the other in Tianducheng.

  • Which one is the real Paris?

  • Grab a pen and keep track of how many you can correctly guess.

  • Ready...

  • Set...

  • Go!

  • How many did you get right?

  • And have you been to Tianducheng, or its knockoff version in France?

  • Leave your comments below.

  • And I want to give a special thanks to photographer François Prost for sharing his great photos with us.

  • Follow him out on Instagram: @francoisprost.

  • Thanks for watching China Uncensored.

  • Once again, I'm Chris Chappell.

  • Or are you a knockoff?

China is known for all sorts of knockoffs.

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