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It's 2019 and you have a very long travel bucket list and on the top might
be Iceland and if you're a millennial it's so hard to escape all the Iceland
photos it's this beautiful natural landscape you see pictures of the Blue
Lagoon and all these waterfalls and you're itching to go hey guys it's your
girl Allie welcome back to my channel in this video I'm sharing with you six
different travel life hacks how to save money while traveling to Iceland the
best time of year to go what to wear and so much more you get to come along with
me so if you're new to my channel be sure to subscribe this month I'm giving
away a Polaroid camera just like this so without further ado let's hop into this
travel guy go
Travel hack number one so if you're thinking about going to Iceland and
you're wondering what's the best time of year to go
I like during the low season which is between October - I think December time
and during my time tickets are the cheapest I flew without air which is a
budget airline and what that means is they don't have a TV they don't offer
included meals or check bags these are all things that you kind of have to add
on our tickets for only $400 with one carry-on which is quite affordable
because tickets can go anywhere between the 600 $700 range honestly we did miss
out too much on the meal or any of those luxury comforts that you would get with
a regular airline October through December is the best time to save money
when you're thinking of flying to Iceland what to wear to Iceland okay
depending on the time of year that you go it could be either spring or winter
time it can very much very I would recommend wearing your heaviest items
with you to the airport for instance like a waterproof jacket or
your snow pants or all of those different heavier layers and you can't
pack onto your carry-on wear that out of the airplane I was actually able to pack
11 days of clothes and one carry-on I packed in one down coat one waterproof
raincoats a couple sweaters waterproof pants some thick winter snow pants
because when I went it was wintertime waterproof boots gloves because you
don't want your fingers to freeze off a scarf a beanie with a pom-pom because
you're going to be taking a tie photos and those are pretty much all of the
highlights that I would recommend if you want a full detailed packing list I'll
have my blog linked for you guys down below fashion by Ali calm
next up I want to talk about the food and Iceland food is so incredibly
expensive just because it's an island expect to pay two to three times more
than you usually pay for food the best travel have to save money in Iceland is
to try your best to buy food from a grocery store or to cook all of your
food so if you're on the road like I was and doing a lot of road trips I
dependent on sandwiches I bought a lot of grocery store sandwiches that were
anywhere between seven to nine dollars but that can easily add up especially
three meals a day and try your best to not eat out as often but it's really
hard when you're travelling right you do want to enjoy the food because it is
incredible things are not preserved I had a lot of fresh fish vegetables oh
just amazing definitely something you don't want to miss out on bring your own
coffee and tea to try to save money because coffee was anywhere between four
to eight dollars four dollars at a grocery store which is insane but is so
expensive that can easily just rack up to a hundred dollar coffee bill
do your research before you go there especially for hotels so I relied on
hotels comm to find all of the places I stay if you booked over ten nights you
get one night for free another affordable option is Airbnb this can
only work for big major cities like reco Vic or Vic but anywhere else in the
countryside you pretty much have to use Hotel calm or TripAdvisor it's just the
way it is because there aren't as many homes out there most of the hotels in
the countryside of iceland is more like a farmhouse so you do get this authentic
experience if you're staying in a chain hotel I would recommend skipping the
breakfast option because at one hotel we've paid over twenty dollars per
person you can easily purchase food from the grocery store and save that money
for a nicer bigger dinner or lunch
travel hack number five I'm going to share with you my favorite activities
while I was in Iceland so I wrote them down even made a full blog post on it
you've probably seen pictures of people in Iceland in the Blue Lagoon and
there's milky blue water and you're dying to go there and look so relaxing
and luxurious it's super touristy if you have the chance I would definitely
recommend driving up to my patent which is further up north and it is a little
bit cheaper you get the similar experience and a view beautiful it's the
less touristy sister of the Blue Lagoon this beautiful mountain view the water
is so warm and it's so cool when it's wintertime because it's freezing and
then you jump into this hot water it might smell
a little bit like sulfur which isn't too bad and I would recommend if you have
colored hair like mine to tie it up do not let your hair touch the water
because it will dry it out become a frizzy crispy mess which you do
not want my second favorite tivity was look like sure to look good over there
there's like ice on the beach and we were able to see it when the Sun was
setting it was beautiful I will insert some photos here and you could just see
the sunset glistening off the water although it is a little bit sad that the
reason why there are these glacier chunks is because of global warming it's
still a really beautiful piece of nature of course your camera gear DSLR your
phone your tripod because girl you might see the Northern Lights and you don't
want to miss it you need a tripod for zyv you have to escape the light
polluted city you can't be in an area with a lot of lights around you so I was
able to see the Northern Lights when I was at a farm in my baton I'm going to
list right here specifically the specs on your camera and how to set it up to
capture the Northern Lights last but not least it might be kind of obvious but
dress warmly because you're going to be shooting outside you're going to meet
gloves and coat just so you can stay outside longer
when I think of Iceland I think of waterfalls black sand beaches blue
lagoon waterfalls are abundant okay so you might go to one with tons of tour
buses don't worry there's going to be so much more if you end up doing the drive
around the island like I did it's Marta Fox was beautiful just because it was
just fall season so all the leaves and trees are changing color I just love
seeing the seasons change so I really love the warm orange e tones and the
leaves my next highlight had to bend the eastern fjords the fjords are finger
like islands that kind of jut out a bit into the water so what's really cool if
you do a road trip is you can type around the edges and you get this crazy
like 360 view of the landscape and everything just feels so natural serene
and quiet
just decide to stop here on the side of the road it's not some quick photos so
beautiful here it's cold I know it is cold but what's awesome about this spot
is you get a little bit of the snowy mountains ocean just a bunch of these
like mossy Mountain
one of my favorite things about Iceland is the fact that there are natural hot
springs just almost eye of the road the water is piped in here it's super hot
very fresh and you can hop in with your swimsuit and have a good time and we
literally parked right here
I'm glad you made it to the end of this video thank you so much for watching if
you want a full list of where I went while I was in Iceland be sure to check
out my blog fashion by Ali calm I'll include a google map of all the places I
went to you pin so you can just plug it into your phone and then you can go
there yourself be sure to follow me on instagram at brushes my alley for more
travel updates and just you know what's going on in my life I love you guys all
so so much and I will see you next time
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ICELAND TRAVEL GUIDE for first-timers! Travel Budget Tips!

120 Folder Collection
喬凱葶 published on November 30, 2019
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