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My New Year's resolution?
I resolve to share my sweater with anyone in the store who gets cold.
This year I vow to not leave here until I've written ten pages a day of my novel.
Ten good pages.
Oh, I'm going to master all my magic tricks. Yep.
Looks like you have a quarter in your ear there.
Yeah that's stuck.
Better get my pliers.
And our resolution is to stop stressing out about what we're going to name our little bundle of joy.
Ah! Joy! That's it. Joy!
We finally have the name!
Yeah! Congrats! Yay!
His mother is Joy.
That's not the name.
I resolve to get inspiration from the things that are truly meaningful to me.
I love it.
Who is the ladybug?
What? I didn't draw a ladybug.
I'm Cathy.
Just kickin' it.
Oh, yeah.
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1st & Main: Episode 4–New Year's Resolutions

221 Folder Collection
Erina Hagi published on November 29, 2019
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