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morning guys this morning i am in akita
prefecture in northern Japan and I have
got the most beautiful own sin i have
ever seen in my life
this is to deny you and it's one of the
top ten on ten in japan and i can see it
easily being number one this place is so
it dates back to the sixteen hundreds
and if you just look around the
buildings are amazing they're all like
touched roof really like old style
buildings just walking around the place
is fun and then the baths are amazing my
seven different box here the main bath
which is located right behind me here is
actually called yoga which means mixed
both men and women can enter at the same
time but you're allowed to wear a towel
right up until when you enter the water
so nobody really have to see you naked
the water here is very milky you'll see
when I go in the box but once you're
under it you really can't see anything
it's not super clear anything so it's
not too embarrassing but if that's not
your thing we do have lots of boss which
of both for only women or only men is
one that you can enter alone as well and
lock the door behind you so nobody will
come in so yeah if you're shy about
getting naked in front of people I
totally understand i like that as well
but there's lots of options for you this
one side which is sweet
no matter where you are in the suns and
you get an amazing you so beautiful
look at it so come let's get him because
it's really really cold
if you want a hot area you can sit near
the area where the hot water is coming
close to boiling is so hard about the
actual bath area is a very comfortable
temperature hot like that
yeah get some people last image isn't it
super hot this is me she don't know
you've asked the white fast as you can
see right that weight water and this one
is also known as the gmail you eating is
like beautiful person and it's supposed
to make your skin look really nice so it
has benefits like that and it's also
great if you have sore muscles is
sitting here in the hot water is really
it's great if you really sore from
hiking or something walking through the
woods here it's really beautiful here
and I can't researchers so if you come
here and explore around and then finish
off your day by visiting a known time
like this it's just like the perfect
people just to teach you guys like a
couple of really basic rules about only
sin before you into the only time you
should wash your body completely there's
a little shower room we can wash your
body with soap and your hair should be
tied up so that it doesn't touch the
water always have it a little button or
click for something and you don't wear a
towel inside the own son i'm only doing
so for building purposes and if you guys
have any more questions about like owns
and etiquette leave them in the comments
below and I will try my best to answer
so I was walking down here I noticed
they had stairs leading down to the
river and I wondered why the heck anyone
would want to go in there because it's
close to zero degrees right now but
apparently in the summer the rivers a
nice temperature so you can also bathe
in the river here in the summer that
would be absolutely amazing i definitely
want to come back here in the summer i
just i can do that this on sun has two
waterwheels this is what they used to
power the place before the box i wish
they said that now look at those icicles
that's how cold it is here guys
chilly day in action
alright guys after all that hard work
relaxing in the bath
I think it's time to go inside and get a
nice warm breakfast so this is what i'm
having for breakfast this morning i'm
really excited about this one this is
tofu with grated daikon and green onions
and then it's got tone you so milk
around it so that's completely new red
miso soup here and some veggies some
pickled veggies
maybe she will come rice cabbage is
called um I'm all it's very sticky and
so this is a special vegan version for
me but the regular breakfast will
include fish and a couple other
ingredients that mine didn't have can
give you guys a tenor of one of the
rooms now this is one of the best dreams
you can get here you have your own
private washroom whereas the other ones
i need to share the Washington with
everybody so it's pretty cool but wait
it gets even better look at his room it
looks like a house the full-blown house
and look at the amazing view you get all
around those windows everywhere
this one's especially nice little
hallway here a little area where you can
sit and do your makeup
here's a sink where you can wash your
face in the morning rush UT very
traditional style sink when I first my
homestay in Japan their kitchen look
very similar to this totally reminds me
of that is really nice in every room
they will leave in origami crane because
it you don't know you to do look so cute
and snacks and the tea set that you see
and all the traditional Japanese hotels
you cut that to wear towels when you go
in the own sin
lots of extra futon you can come in with
your whole family some more than enough
space for everybody in here the one
really special point about this story is
that it comes with an ego-t traditional
stove i guess you could call it there's
a place here where you can start a fire
and then the yoke on staff will bring a
popped in here that they hang off of
here and they'll cookie some food over
top of this little fire in your room how
cool is that these are also all the
rooms you can rent i think these are the
most popular ones drying some fruits
peppers up there we can get a peek
inside one of the rooms in the middle of
cleaning the nail like little cabins so
hey guys it's time to go home i really
hope you enjoyed that video and honestly
this is probably one of the top places i
would recommend you to visit in Japan I
just had the best time it was so
relaxing and so beautiful and I have
absolutely nothing bad to say about this
place even if you're shy but going into
17 there with a private bath and you're
allowed to wear the towel right up until
when you enter the mix bath and one of
the really cool things about it was the
water was really milky so once you're in
there you can't really see much so
overall this was the best only thing
I've ever been to and i really hope you
guys enjoyed the video so thanks for
watching and subscribe for more Japan
content and I don't think I think right
again i've listed tons of websites down
below in the description box for you
guys can find out more information about
the northern japan air
yeah thanks a lot for watching and I'll
see you guys soon for another video
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143 Folder Collection
Erina Hagi published on November 29, 2019
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