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So, my top tip would be, first of all to 1.) Eat regular meals.
And number 2.) Don't skip breakfast.
3.) Reduce portion sizes and eat from slightly smaller plates.
4.) Have a balanced diet without cutting any particular food group, although, ensure that
there is quite a high amount of protein in the diet.
5.) Improve your sleep patterns. Have a really good sleep habitus and ensure that you get
ideally eight hours a night but at least seven hours of sleep a night.
We know that poor quality sleep is associated with metabolic abnormalities.
6.) Increase exercise. This doesn't necessarily mean having to go to the gym, but to just
trying to walk more or use the stairs more.
7.) Drink plenty of water.
8.) Decrease alcoholic intake.
9.) Not to ban any particular food in your diet
because you know that otherwise, you'll just be craving for it.
10.) Seek advice from a health care professional, whether it's your GP or your local dietician,
as they may be able to signpost you to the right help; to guide you through your journey
and help you to achieve weight loss.
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10 top tips for weight management

194 Folder Collection
Shinichiro published on November 28, 2019
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