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MELANIE: Code Chrysalis, they teach in English.
It is the language of engineering and coding.
I am an engineer. I felt there was a big wall between me and other engineers.
I thought it was too late to learn a new language.
MELANIE: We never give any tests. We don't grade any homework.
By developing a program that's based on real news articles,
and real videos and topics that English speakers talk about
then, that means that they feel more comfortable in real situations.
So we're not just focusing on English, but we're focusing on thinking and sharing opinions
and exchange.
I think it's really valuable for them, but it's something they can carry over into their native language as well.
MICHIKO: In this class, we have to speak English all the time.
Out. Oat. Oat. Shout. Shout.
AKIRA: It's interesting. Many people's English level is different.
But it is no matter for us. I have eight friends to have conversations with.
MELANIE: You don't need to know all the words.
You need to know how to use the words you know to communicate what you want to say.
It's not about becoming perfect.
It's about using the skills that you have with confidence to reach certain goals.
And I thought anyone who wants to enter Code Chrysalis has a goal.
They probably want to change their career. Change their life.
That's the type of student I want to work with.
AKIRA: My mind is changed.
Now I like English, I am proud of my decision.
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A High TOEIC Score Doesn't Mean You Can Communicate in English | English Communication in Tokyo

187 Folder Collection
Erina Hagi published on November 28, 2019
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