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- [Coyote] Alright guys, today we are in Darwin, Australia
getting ready to visit Crocosaurus Cove.
Crocosaurus Cove is actually a place
I've been following on Instagram for a number of years,
I've always wanted to come here
to get into this giant cylinder,
where you're in the water with the crocodile.
(dramatic upbeat music)
(dynamic jungle music)
The most feared animal in all of Australia
is without question the saltwater crocodile,
yet fear often comes as a result
of that which we don't understand.
Since 2008, Crocosaurus Cove has been on a mission
to educate the public by easing the bad reputation
these prehistoric reptiles carry.
It seems extreme,
but sometimes the best way to face your fears,
is to get face-to-face with them
and while they proudly display
a large collection of Australian reptiles,
they are famous for their main attraction,
the Cage of Death.
Alright, so the guys are getting ready
to be the first ones into the tube.
- It's a little different,
haven't done this before.
- I'm gonna actually be filming from outside
behind the glass to get shots of them underwater.
Then I will get inside of the tube
and get my own shot at getting some epic B-roll.
- What is this called again? - Cage of Death.
- Oh, Mario. - Yeah?
- We're about to get in the Cage of Death.
- Nice. - You're already in, actually.
- Yeah. - Alright, here I go.
It's gonna be a tight squeeze, huh?
Oh, it's not too bad actually.
- [Mario] Oh, we're being lowered.
- [Mark] Oh, hey, we're lifting up,
we're actually not lowering, I wasn't expecting that.
- [Mario] I hope this is sturdy.
- I see a croc.
(light suspenseful music)
Alright, we're officially being lowered into the water.
Here goes nothin' in the Cage of Death.
- We're going in.
This is a little, a little intimidating, I will say.
- [Mark] Yeah, all that's separating us from the croc
is the Cage of Death.
- [Coyote Voiceover] The Cage of Death
is an impenetrable plexiglass tube.
At nearly three inches thick,
it gives those who are brave enough,
the chance to enter the water
for an unforgettable 360 degree view of the crocodiles.
The saltwater crocodile dominates its environment,
packing one of the most powerful bite forces on the planet,
yet it's their stealth and speed,
that make them so dangerous.
(dramatic upbeat music)
- Oh, man! (laughing)
Did you feel that?
It just totally thumped the Death Cage.
- [Mario] That's a powerful animal,
you can tell right there. - Ah-huh.
That was crazy.
- [Coyote Voiceover] In their natural environment,
they're often concealed in murky, brackish waters,
so seeing them in this fashion in crystal clear water
is pretty unheard of and it's an experience
you can't have anywhere else in the world.
(light suspenseful music)
(thudding glass)
- (laughing) He's still behind you, Mario.
Oh man!
Oh, man, that was a good one.
- [Mario] A little scary.
- [Employee] Okay guys, we're gonna bring you up!
- Alright, cool, thanks.
Yeah, that's super cool.
- Yeah, pretty cool.
- Man, Coyote's gonna love this.
- [Coyote] Alright, we're gonna walk up
and see how the guys' dive was,
tough to get shots from underneath there,
but man, I bet they got some good stuff on that GoPro.
- I'd do that again.
Would you come back to this? - Yeah, that was neat.
- Yeah. - You get right up close
to these prehistoric predators, I mean, they're huge,
you really don't know how big they are,
until you're like right in their face, in their grill.
- Yeah. - Big teeth.
- [Mark] And then you can feel the boom,
like I can't even come close to the pounding that they.
- Oh man, this is at least three inches thick.
- Yeah. - I got you,
what do you reckon, was it good?
- It was awesome, I loved it! - Awesome, let's get you out,
we're gonna pop that ladder straight through the middle.
- Okay. - Climb on out.
(light melodic music)
- Hey!
- How was it? - It was cool, man,
that's a big crocodile.
- Well, we survived the Cage of Death
and now it's your turn.
- [Coyote] How were your shots, that's the real question?
- Believe it or not, - Yeah.
- once you go underwater, it's clear.
- [Mark] Yeah, there's definitely spots,
where there aren't as many teeth marks.
- [Mario] Yeah.
- [Mark] You've gotta try to find those spots,
but there's a really cool like reflection that happens,
when you're underwater,
it almost looks like there's two crocs.
- Yeah. - It's pretty neat.
- Yeah. - Alright, guys,
I'm about to get in the water
with a massive saltwater crocodile.
This is going to be epic.
- Alright, so Mario and I survived the Cage of Death,
now we have bigger cameras and it's Coyote's turn.
You ready, dude?
- Going into the Cage of Death.
Now in most instances,
I'd probably try to get into this water without a cage,
but that would turn into the bite episode,
it would be the last bite episode
we ever did on the channel,
so it's actually a little nerveracking
once I start getting into the cage itself.
(light suspenseful music)
Oh, okay, I'm inside the cage.
Now what's happening right now
is they're slowly lowering me
into the water and you can see
a huge saltwater crocodile right there
getting into the water with one of the wild,
absolutely impossible, so this is the best way to do it,
Crocosaurus Cove, one of the coolest experiences
you can have with any animal,
let alone one of the most dominant
reptilian predators in the world,
arguably the most dangerous, non-venomous reptile,
that exists on our planet.
I guess this is the moment,
where they just let you hang above the crocodile.
I am literally hovering just over it.
(light haunting music)
Alright, we're going down, here we go.
The crocs who call the Cove home
were removed from the wild,
because they were considered nuisance animals,
that means they were in an area
where they could interact with humans.
As an alternative to these crocodiles being destroyed,
they were brought here, where they now serve
as educational ambassadors for their species.
(light upbeat music)
- [Employee] Guys, we're at time,
say goodbye to the being in the cage!
- Alright, well there you have it,
underwater B-roll shots of the saltwater crocodile,
that was awesome.
I had to like basically gecko myself
to the bottom of this thing the entire time,
'cause the saltwater keeps you slightly buoyant.
I think I got some pretty sweet shots,
so between myself, Mark and Mario,
this was the only way
to get the best saltwater crocodile shots.
If you guys get the chance to visit Darwin,
definitely come and check out Crocosaurus Cove,
you can enter into these enclosures in the Cage of Death
with the most dominant reptilian predator of Australia,
the saltwater crocodile.
I'm Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild,
we'll see you on the next location.
Entering the Cage of Death was definitely an experience
I've wanted to have since finding Crocosaurus Cove
on Instagram and now that I have been in the cage myself,
I can promise you it's an encounter you will never forget.
(dramatic cinematic music)
If you ever find yourself in Darwin, Australia,
make sure to book your dive in advance
by visiting their website
or if you just like amazing pictures of crocodiles,
make sure to follow them on Instagram.
Mark, Mario, Trent,
the three of you are going to be given the chance
to compete in the greatest competition of all time.
(melodic upbeat music)
What fun is making s'mores,
unless you're gonna be brave about it and get a little wild?
- [Mark] Coyote, he's an outdoor guy,
so I'm gonna try to do an adventure themed s'mores.
(light jungle music)
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Surviving a Cage of Death!

138 Folder Collection
林韋志 published on November 27, 2019
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