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- Beyonce's new clothing line, Ivy Park
has come under fire recently after tabloid reports
that the line was made by workers in Sri Lanka,
who were paid only $0.64 an hour.
While Ivy Park has denied these claims,
this left us wondering about the clothes
we buy from the brands we love.
What impact do our purchases have
on the people who make our clothes
and do we even know where our clothes are made?
Let's find out.
(playful music)
Do you know where the clothes that you're currently wearing,
what country they were made in?
- Uh, no, not offhand.
- I have no idea.
- I have, I don't know.
- I think Thailand and China.
- Probably China.
- China.
- Maybe Thailand.
- It's Indonesia.
- USA.
- China, China.
- [Woman In Red] China. - China.
- It's probably made in a sweatshop, right?
That's what we're getting at?
- Can we do some investigation?
- I mean, sure.
- Can I look at your tags, do you mind?
It says made in Mexico.
- Oh.
- Can I check your tag?
Made in Pakistan.
- Oh, Pakistan, okay.
What about yours, what's it made from?
- These are made in the US.
Made in California, USA on your shirt.
- Yeah.
- [Woman With Glasses] China.
- Not surprising.
- [Interviewer] Nicaragua
- Nicaragua.
- [Interviewer] Made in Vietnam.
- This is Vietnam?
- Made in Haiti.
- Oh.
- Oh, it says made in Russia.
- In China.
- In Pakistan.
- Bangladesh.
- El Salvador.
- El Salvador.
- Haiti.
China, you're right.
- All right.
- [Black-Haired Woman] Made in China.
- [Brunette Woman] Also made in China.
- Mexico.
- China.
- Vietnam.
- Made in the United States,
but that doesn't mean it was
made in the United States either.
- Yeah, you think so, why is that?
Even if it says if it's made in the United States?
You don't believe it?
- No.
- What do you think you think?
- Most of our clothes is coming from out of the country.
We lost our manufacturing.
(slow acoustic guitar music)
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Do Sweatshops Make Your Clothes?

52 Folder Collection
Shinichiro published on November 26, 2019
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