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Hey there!
Welcome to The Selcouth Mind!
At some point in your life, you've probably taken a personality quiz of some type, from
the official sounding Myers-Briggs to a silly Buzzfeed quiz.
We're attracted to those quizzes because we want to know more about ourselves and what
makes us unique.
There's even a whole field of psychology devoted to studying personality.
However, the meaning of “personality” has changed slightly over the years.
“Personality” is currently defined as “the quality or collection of qualities
which makes a person a distinctive individual”.
So if you're an extravert or are forgetful or creative, those are all examples of personality
Multiple personality traits make up your unique personality.
Psychologists define “personality” simply as “personal individuality”.
Back in the 13th century when the word “personality” was beginning to be used, it meant something
more than individual characteristics.
“Personality” referred to “the quality, character, or fact of being a person, as distinct
from an animal, thing, or abstraction”.
It was “the quality which makes a being human”.
However, it wasn't a very common word until the 18th century, when the modern definition
first came into use.
Where did we get this word from anyway?
Well, many languages have a similar word, but it is believed that the English word “personality”
was created by combining the French word “personalité” and the Latin word “personalitas”, both
of which refer to “personal details or qualities”.
Our personalities are what make us unique.
My favorite part of my personality is that I'm creative.
Let me know yours in the comments below!
Thanks for watching!
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I'll see you again soon.
Until then, stay curious!
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Personality: What Makes Us Unique | Word of the Week #3

56 Folder Collection
Shinichiro published on November 26, 2019
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