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Let's see my fortune.
What does it mean?
Do you think this is good or bad? I don't know.
-Fortune? -Fortune, yeah.
Or misfortune?
Look at this.
The Ginza Line goes directly there, Asakusa.
PA: The local train bound for Asakusa is arriving
You get out of the metro and can already see the tower.
That's the Tokyo Skytree.
This is where you properly start a visit in Asakusa
At the Tourist Information Office.
Not only because you can get information that will help you plan your day here,
but also, you get an amazing view.
Look at that, the entire neighborhood.
Here is the tower and the temple over there.
Coming up here is totally free.
How interesting this crossing, huh?
Any idea what we're doing now?
-Gordon: Tell me. -We're walking all this
all the way to the end.
So many landmarks here, only in Asakusa.
No way, they have a carnival parade here.
Look at this.
They even have Capoeira here.
I feel like home here now.
Asakusa is a great place to see the traditional
and historical side of Tokyo.
And this is the biggest gateway, Kaminarimon.
It's just hard to do a picture by yourself
because it is always full.
The original gate here was built in the year 942,
but it was destroyed several times.
This version standing here today is from 1960.
And then you have the God of Thunder on the left
and the God of Wind on the right.
Gordon, this is the God of Thunder.
That was a good one.
This street here is called Nakamise-dori.
This and Sensō-ji Temple are always busy.
It tends to be a little worse in the mornings
and also on the weekends.
So we chose to come here on a weekday more towards the end of the day,
which means we have to rush to go see the temple before it closes,
and then we can enjoy all this area.
Super full of cicadas here now.
We made it.
So, here is the Sensō-ji Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo
From the year 645.
-That's old. -That's old.
Very old.
Left hand first.
Right hand.
Wash your mouth.
And use the rest of the water to clean this.
There are two main religions in Japan:
Buddhism and Shinto.
Both coexist.
Buddhists go to Shinto shrines and vice-versa.
You've probably seen people clapping, right?
That's what you do in Shinto Shrines like here.
In Buddhist Temples like the main temple here,
you just bow and you pray.
Let's go get our fortune.
-Fortune? -Fortune, yeah.
-Or misfortune? -No!
-If you'll have a life of misfortune... -No, come on.
-I'll walk away... -No, come on.
I don't come back no more
You put in ¥100.
Okay. Now, I need to find this.
"If everything goes quite well up to halfway,
there will be no more harm.
A bad person may fetch you in the wrong way."
Gordon, I hope it's not you.
"There's a good and effective medicine in the vase.
Even when you get sick, you can get well soon."
That's good.
"Your request will not be granted at once."
I know that.
"Be patient and can get well.
"The lost article will be found."
"The person you wait for will come, but it takes a little time."
"Building a new house and remove, both well."
"To start a trip is all right."
Whoo! That's good.
"Marriage and employment, it is fortune will be up to a half."
What does it mean, "up to a half"?
Do you think this is good or bad? I don't know.
So, if you had a bad fortune, you can tie it up there,
and, hopefully, it goes away.
Mine, it's not amazing, but it's not bad,
so I think I'll keep it.
It says it's good to start a trip,
my request will not be granted at once,
but it will be, that I should be patient,
so it is alright.
[indistinct chattering]
It's good for you.
Rumor has it that it heals any pain you might be feeling.
Not in the moment, but who knows?
There's also a pagoda here, but that's always closed.
You can't go there.
That's actually a burial site.
Ha! Samurai Dog.
This is so lovely.
Green tea ice cream. I'm in paradise.
This is green tea with vanilla.
Mmm, mmm.
It is so good.
When you're buying the ice cream,
the vendor tells you that you cannot walk around with your ice cream.
You got to have the entire ice cream right here.
That's why it's so clean. This is Japan.
Here you can get a river cruise.
Very close to the temple which is right there.
But our next destination, the tower.
Gordon: Finish that. I need a meal.
I need a meal.
Renata: Where?
-Liver. Large intestine, I'll pass.
-Are you sure you don't want to eat intestine?
-No, no
-I got my own.
I'm in heaven.
It is so good.
Look at how they prepare the sardines.
-Try it -Yeah, octopus.
Uh-hmm. Mmm.
We stopped in this little restaurant to eat
and it was so amazing.
Food was delicious, fantastic,
but the atmosphere, amazing! Total, total silence.
That's why I didn't even vlog inside. I couldn't say anything.
What was your favorite dish?
-Oh, the octopus... -The octopus!
-...because I still feel it moving in my stomach.
Oh, no! [laughs]
-Do you feel it in yours? -No.
I love the tuna.
I just discovered this is actually the tallest tower in the world.
Gordon: Fourth floor.
[indistinct chattering]
We had hopes to see the twilight from up there,
but with this line, forget it.
You can't buy the ticket directly on their website
There are services that sell it, but not for the same day.
-Konnichiwa (hello).
-Vendor: Do you go to the highest?
-Do you have glasses here in front?
-Glass, glass.
-Glass here? You stay inside? -Yes, yes, you stay inside here.
-In both of them, you stay inside then?
-Yes. -Oh, okay.
Yeah, then the 350 is fine.
Arigatou (thank you).
Man: Arigatou gozaimasu (thank you very much)
This elevator will take you to the Tembo Deck
which is located at 350 meters.
All the way to the Tembo Deck in about 50 seconds
There are two observation levels here:
Floor 350 and floor 450, as they call it.
350 meters high and 450 meters high.
You can get tickets for both or just for the first one.
At this time of the evening,
we thought there wouldn't be much of a difference to see from both levels,
so we just came to the first level.
The difference between the two is 100 meters and about US$10.
And if you change your mind, you can still buy tickets up here.
So, in the end of the day, it's the same price,
whether you buy down there as a combo
or if you get a separate ticket up here.
Tokyo Tower and there she is.
It really zooms in, huh?
Asakusa, this is where we were.
This is the tallest structure in the entire Japan.
There are two floors down. Let's go there.
Gordon: Olá, olá! (hello, hello)
Glass floor here.
If it stands with all these people on top of it,
it's gonna hold another one here.
If you want to be in the video, you can just say.
Do you want to be in the video?
Before going back to the hotel,
a quick stop to Sensō-ji Temple just to see it again at night.
And it is beautiful!
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TOKYO | Asakusa, Senso-ji temple & Skytree | Japan travel guide (vlog 8)

346 Folder Collection
ayami published on November 25, 2019
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