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So this one time, my boyfriend and I went to Walgreens. This was back in winter. We
walked inside, got some snacks some drinks. Then we went outside and we saw
this homeless man. He was in his 50s or so, he had a long grey beard, and he had
tattered clothes. My boyfriend, who was sympathetic, actually went up to the man
and asked him what was wrong and how was he doing, and I kind of gave him a look.
My boyfriend kind of, like, does a hand movement for me to come over and we just
talked to him. And apparently this guy came all the way from Texas to Michigan,
and he was trying to find his way back home. This man just kind of was telling
us his story. I just remember feeling so bad for this man, that so much crap
happened to him. We decided we have to help this man, this man needs our help.
And we went into Walgreens again, told the man to stay there. We got him a loaf of
bread, some peanut butter and jelly. We got him pop-tarts, chips, drinks, a big
bottle of water. We gave him the bag and at first he refused, he's like, "No, I can't
take this." And we said, "No, we insist." His face lit up so much. He was just so happy.
And then I remembered that there was a blanket in the trunk of my car, so I
grabbed it out and I gave it to him because he was so cold. And my boyfriend
bought him hand gloves and some of those hand warmer things you put inside the
gloves. The man was just so happy, he cried in front of us. He was like, "Oh my
gosh, I never have met so many nice people."
My heart was gleaming I was so happy to see this man so happy.
Nowadays I don't see him around our city anymore so I'm hoping and praying that
he actually made it to Texas, and if he does, and ends up seeing this story, I
just want to say hi and I wanted to give you guys a message.
Don't be fearful of homeless people, if you are. Just help them. There's a bunch of soup kitchens
you can work at, you know, you can work at charities. Because the feeling of helping
someone less fortunate than you is an indescribable feeling and it actually
really helps, and it makes your day better so that's a win-win.
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We Helped Someone Who Was Homeless

486 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on November 23, 2019
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