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Hey what's up it's Natasha from Lunchbox
And here we are again with Anne-Marie
I have to say your fashion sense is amazing
What would you say is a staple piece in your wardrobe?
Men's baggy t-shirts cut
Cause this is what I do with every t-shirt
Cause I really like baggy stuff
Wait I have to ask, you cut your own shirts?
And you can't think about it too much
Cause then it goes wrong
You just gotta just go for it
And then hope for the best
Your song "Perfect", tell us more about how it came about
I actually was on the way to this writing session
I've never written with these people before
And I was just wondering what to write about
And I ended up going on YouTube
And watching women talking about like body confidence and just loving yourself
And I was like, I want to write a song about that
But I just didn't really know how to do it
And I got to this session and I told the writer what I wanted to do
She was like why don't you just tell me
Everything that you're insecure about
About your body, about how you feel, about what you look like
So I literally just told her everything
And she wrote it down on a piece of paper and it became this song
What do you do to like escape, you know
When things get too real?
It sounds cliche but, music
It's crazy because I remember going to my hair salon
And I always get really nervous about walking in and walking out of places
And I had my hair done and I was waiting for my taxi
And I thought it was outside so I went outside
And I was like really anxious and I put my headphones on
This is the first time I actually ever did this as well
And this anxiety just lifted off of me
And I just felt so free and I was like
This is the best feeling ever
What music did you listen to?
I don't know what I put on
It's everything, I put my playlist on shuffle
What's the most unsuspecting music we would find in your playlist?
Don't know, maybe The All-American Rejects or something like that
You're a cool chick
Do you trust me?
Yeah, I do
Can you close your eyes right now?
Okay, this is something that the fans have suggested
Can you take a bite of something I'm gonna put it in your hands
Is it pandan cake?
No it's not!
What is it, chocolate cake?
Is chocolate, is chocolate
Okay, and the next one, there you go
Knock yourself out
Pandan cake!
You know it!
I feel like this is no longer a surprise
The second you walk through the door wearing green
I know you are a pandan jam
This is something else I wanna gift to you
You like pandan cake, this is like the pandan jam
No way
So it doesn't taste exactly like that, I like this one slightly better
Do you?
So knock yourself out and if you like it let us know
That wraps up our interview with Anne-Marie
Thank you so much for watching and check out her single as well on 987
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987 Interviews Anne-Marie

91 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on November 22, 2019
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