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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:03,010 I want to start off by congratulating
my staff and my crew.
This weekend we won an Emmy award
for best entertainment talk show.
00:00:15,380 --> 00:00:16,670 Very exciting.
The awards were held on Cinco de Mayo,
but my staff was very well behaved.
They did not drink at all.
I'm sorry, I meant to say they got very drunk.
That's what I meant to say, is they drank a lot.
But we are very proud of this show.
We work hard every single day to try to put on the best show
that we possibly can.
Things don't always go right.
We make mistakes and for instance
the show that it was yesterday.
During the game-- that was a brand new game.
It was called words of danger.
And we'd never played it before and we
didn't think we needed to rehearse,
and we just thought we would do it
live in front of the audience.
And the premise was simple enough,
we pre interview two audience members
and then based on their answers I had to ask them open
ended questions that would lead them to say certain things,
and then I would blast them.
Anyway, the premise was not simple at all.
Here's how it started.
Go stand behind those little podiums over there.
Which one are you?
I'm Maddie.
Hi, Maddie?
Hi Maddie.
And you are--
My name's Gracia.
Yeah OK, here's what's going to happen.
This is a--
Oh, yeah if you guys would swap, that's what I'm supposed--
I was not paying attention to where they were.
And anyway, several things went wrong.
The contestants were in the wrong place, obviously.
The stage manager's yelling at me,
and the girl's name is Gracia and not Garcia.
00:01:43,470 --> 00:01:43,970 Yeah.
00:01:47,360 --> 00:01:49,640 But my Emmy award winning team spelled it wrong.
00:01:54,222 --> 00:01:55,929 I'm out there live in front of everybody,
trying to figure it all out.
And I just went with it.
So here I am trying to get Maddie
to say Taylor Swift, which apparently she
was supposed to work that easily into something.
What kind of music do you like?
I like country, I like pop, hip hop, a little bit of rap.
Just not heavy metal rock is about it.
Everything but heavy metal.
Pretty much.
All right.
So and so any kind of-- you said Toby Keith,
and some other country and pop.
What pop?
I love Katy Perry, love--
00:02:31,490 --> 00:02:35,340 love Brittney Spears, love everybody.
All right.
I like the Spice Girls, recent stuff I like Taylor Swift.
Never seen anyone talk about music
that long without saying Taylor Swift in a sentence.
But then Gracia said Taylor Swift,
and we realized our mistake then.
Really want to go.
I think everybody is thinking what I'm thinking.
There is-- that.
So I mean, we shouldn't have switched them.
They were in the right place.
This is-- yeah.
So the-- so this game was so much fun.
00:03:21,660 --> 00:03:24,910 It's so much fun.
Switch places.
00:03:29,760 --> 00:03:32,212 OK.
I don't know if you saw my eyes, but that
was my soul leaving my body.
00:03:39,850 --> 00:03:42,070 You know sometimes it's fun when things go wrong,
but this went really wrong.
Like really, really wrong.
But then everything should be fixed, right?
Gracia, what is your favorite body part?
That's your favorite body part?
Arms are cool.
OK, yeah.
00:04:00,000 --> 00:04:02,950 Gracia do you have any piercings?
My ears.
And that's it.
00:04:10,600 --> 00:04:11,500 Are you lying to me?
00:04:15,550 --> 00:04:16,491 It's just my ears.
00:04:19,269 --> 00:04:20,072 Do you have 'em?
Do you have any?
Just my ears.
Nothing fun, sorry.
Oh my god, you're both going to win a TCL Roku TV.
It took me 16 seasons, but I finally just gave up.
I didn't-- instead of a game, it really became more of a long
boring interview with a prize at the end.
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Ellen Finally Gave Up Because of This Show Fail

178 Folder Collection
294701639 published on November 21, 2019
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