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  • I love my life!

  • I love you so much, Gary.

  • Meow.

  • I'll never forget the day we met.

  • I'm- ow! Oof!

  • Ready!

  • Meow.

  • Hello, little snail. What's your name?

  • Meow.

  • Gary, huh? Do you want to be friends?

  • Me too!

  • Gary, I'm home!

  • Gary?

  • Gar-bear?

  • Gary?

  • Gary?!

  • Have you seen Gary?

  • No.

  • Nope.

  • Nope.

  • Gary's been snail-napped!

  • Gaaarrryyy!

  • Friends don't let friends go on dangerous quests alone!

  • Yeehaw!

  • Hello!

  • Call me Sage.

  • Good name.

  • I'm made out of sage and I am a sage. So it works out pretty well.

  • I'm Patrick! My name means "toaster" in Celtic.

  • Pretty sure it doesn't.

  • The lost city of Atlantic City!

  • Boy, I hope we don't lose focus.

  • Look, I wouldn't worry about us losing-

  • Whoa!

  • Cotton candy! Ice cream! Churros!

  • Let it ride, Patrick! Let it ride! Wooo!

  • Put it on 'L'!

  • Patrick, that's not an 'L.' That's a seven.

  • Seven starts with an 'L'?

  • That's weird.

  • This is going to be like a buddy movie!

  • Oh, I love your sense of irony, Patrick.

  • Thank you, haha.

  • I love my sense of ironing too.

I love my life!

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Official SpongeBob Movie Trailer! | Sponge On The Run - May 2020

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