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Princess Rap Battle.
Rapunzel and Flynn versus Anna and Kristoff.
Let the rap battle begin.
My hair's so soft but I ball so hard.
That my bed head brings all the boys to the yard.
I was the caged bird singing, busting back on the scene.
This little lost princess is the long-locked queen of Rap Un Zel
Right in my name
Coming back for my crown with my magical mane.
I'm a chef, guitarist, painter, potter, scholar, singer, dancer.
Knock me but like Elsa's door
you haven't got an answer
Your snowflake's not unique
and you're past your peak
Even the silver in your hair
is a losing streak
I can't believe how dumb you are
Hans took you for a sucker
I'll say it twice, you stink on ice
Did I mumble motherf***er?
I'm not ANN-a, I'm AH-na
I go ham when I wanna
You can't handle the drama
Slam a damn prima donna
A once upon a timer
I know better than momma
Frozen fever so hot
I hafta chill in a sauna
Blondie's only got three books
and a mother that betrays her
and it doesn't even phase her
that she raised her with no razor
Sunflower in a tower
tricked by her kidnapper
Me? I woulda capped her
And frickin' witch slapped her
You're not the brightest lantern
and your mug is just fugly
The word on the street is that
your duckling ain't snuggly
Agoraphobic bore
and I don't know what's sadder
That you've never worn shoes
or that you're just a rope ladder
I'm kinda like this oaf
but I'm dashing, smart, and beauteous
He's a bigger horse's ass
Than Maximus's gluteus
My dream came true
The girl, the castle, the money
I'm the wanted man she wanted, man
The future looks sunny
This dapper rogue rapper's
now a royal insider
And since we got hitched
we are both Flynn riders
You think you're hot shit
Well, your sister was colder
I'll melt the ice in your heart
When I heat up, I smolder
You're a fraud, Eugene
I'll pop your head like a twist off
This robber's gettin' clobbered
when Kristoff gets pissed off
My reindeer Sven
is so damn frosty
Santa's like:
“Damn! That's a cold-ass donkey”
I love Anna, not her title
I would never two-time her
You're a terrible rhymer
A tower and social climber
You're a colossal debacle
Even Olaf knows you're awful
You're as crooked as your nose
I should dust you like Gothel
Can I end this business?
Hells yes I can
with the business end
of my frying pan
Tied up and dangled
Strung up and strangled
You'll have a brush with death
when you're messing with Tangled
So hungry for a husband
once you left your isolation
We saw you getting Hans-y
at your sister's coronation
Snap engaged to a villain
before you cuddled up with Thor
Looks like any dude'll do
when your love's an open door
This Arendelle airhead
has a brain full of holes
from when her mind got wiped
by those ridiculous trolls
Of course you Norses fight
but in the end you always lose
Your odds are sinking faster
than your parents on a cruise
You've got an
avalanche of dandruff
and lice by the million
You need a lake of shampoo
And a full body Brazilian
While we're on the subject
and I don't mean to push
but does your carpet match your drapes?
That's like an eighty pound bush!
I'm the fixer-upper lover
who's as strong as an ox
I go hard all night long
'cause my family rocks
By the Northern Lights
I keep her warm at night
and I'm moving more ice
than Walter White
Can I say something crazy
check how it affects ya?
Your hair is a let down
and no one respects ya
So get back in your prison
atop that tall architecture
Won't be coming back for seconds
because Anna wrecks ya
Check out this Anna bonus song!
Thanks for watching!
I like warm hugs!
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RAPUNZEL vs ANNA: Princess Rap Battle (Eliza Dushku James Maslow Tom Lenk Whitney Avalon) *explicit*

278 Folder Collection
Annie Chien published on November 20, 2019
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