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Hi! It's me, Nikki, with an all-new Nikki's Wiki.
Today's Wiki is all about winter sports.
My favorite winter sport is throwing snowballs at my brother!
Playing sports outside in the freeeezing cold has actually been around for a very long time!
In fact, the first set of skis were used for getting around during the Prehistoric Age.
In colder countries like Russia, Sweden, and Norway, skis got you to a slumber party so much faster than if you had walked!
Not until the late 19th century did skiing become an actual sport!
A Norwegian skier named Sondre Norheim was the first winner of a ski competition in 1868.
In fact, the word "ski" is actually Norwegian word, taken from the word "skith," which means stick of wood or a snowshoe!
The French also say "ski."
In Spain, the word for ski is "esqui."
And in Italian, it's "sci."
Another popular winter sport is ice skating!
Ice skating is believed to have started about 3000 years ago!
People would carve blades out of bones and stick them on their feet!
Modern figure skating was created by an American, Jackson Haines.
Wearing boots with blades, he added ballet moves and jumps to his performances on ice.
Figure skating was the first winter sport to be included in the summer Olympics in 1908!
A fun winter sport that I love is sledding or snow tubing!
Sleds were developed in ancient times to carry things back and forth in snow-covered areas.
When I go sledding, I'll use a lunch tray from the cafeteria or a trusty garbage can lid!
My little brother, sometimes, he uses his own baby blanket like a magic carpet!
Nope... he doesn't get that far!
Nice try, though!
So, what's your favorite winter sport?
Tell me in the comments below, and don't forget to click like and subscribe!
See you later!
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All About Winter Sports | Skiing, Ice Skating, Sledding & More | Wiki for Kids at Cool School

276 Folder Collection
Shinichiro published on November 20, 2019
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