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2019 is just around the corner and it's time to start planning your next big adventure.
Keep on watching to see my Top 5 Travel Destinations for Winter 2019!
Hey I'm Katie Steckly, here on my channel I like to talk all things travel and filmmaking.
I have a super exciting announcement to share with you. I'm going to Ecuador!
I am so excited to be working with Tourmagination, a tour company
that allows travellers to explore, experience, and expand their world through travel.
They provide expert tour leaders who have an in-depth knowledge of the destination,
they facilitate respectful engagement with locals, help
you find a like-minded community of travellers, and ultimately enable you to
have an open hearted learning and discovery experience while on your trip.
From February 24th to March 6 2019 I am gonna be going on Tourmagination's
Natural and Cultural Encounters in the Amazon tour and you can join me!
It's gonna be an amazing experience seeing the natural wonders of the Amazon and
learning about the local culture, so if you want to come along with me check out
the link in the description to read more about the itinerary and the pricing details.
I would love for you to join me on this awesome experience so go check it out!
Now for my first winter travel destination of 2019. My first winter 2019!
My first travel destination suggestion is Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an amazing winter
getaway not only does it have beautiful beaches and lovely Caribbean weather but
it also is full of amazing history. Visit old San Juan and see El Morro the old
wall and fortifications of the spanish colonial city. See locals flying kites on
the green and take in the view from the top of the castle. Take a few days to
venture outside of San Juan and take in all the natural beauty that Puerto Rico has to offer:
ride down natural water slides, climb
through historic caves, and swim in waterfalls.
If you're looking for an authentic natural and cultural experience in a unique part of the world then
visiting Ecuador this winter is the perfect trip for you.
Join me and Tourmagination for the Natural and Cultural Encounters in
the Amazon tour featuring eleven days exploring the natural wonders of the rainforest and
learning lots about local culture from the indigenous Cofan people.
The trip is running from February 24th to March 6 2019.
The best part is there is currently a discount available for the trip you can
travel alone and not pay the extra fee to have your own room.
That's a $410 discount! This is an amazing opportunity to see a new part of the world and
be led by an experienced local guide. To find out more about this trip
check out the link at the top of the description. Trust me, this is not an
opportunity you're gonna wanna miss. See you in Ecuador!
If you'd rather embrace the cold instead of heading south, take a trip to Quebec, Canada.
Qubec's traditional Winter Carnival is held from February 8th to 17th and 2019,
a tradition held in Quebec since 1894. This festival breaks the
winter blues with all kinds of fun activities including night parades, the
ice palace, skating and more make sure to check out all of the beautiful history
that Old Quebec City has to offer as well from the Plains of Abraham to the
Chateau Frontenac, learn all about French history in Canada. Fun fact old Quebec
actually has a UNESCO world heritage designation as it is the only walled
city in North America north of Mexico. For the North American budget traveller
looking for an escape from the cold, Marco Island Florida is a great option.
As close to the Caribbean as you can get with a road trip, Marco Island is in South Florida and
has beautiful beaches and a laid-back feel if you just want to
get away somewhere warm and relax. Marco Island is great for that. However there
is still some neat local history to check out such as the shell walls historically built
by the indigenous people who were first on the island.
My favourite part of Marco Island was swimming at the beach and
seeing dolphins jump in front of the sunset.
You might think I'm crazy but I think NYC is a great winter travel destination.
My friends and I visited New York in February of 2017 and
we were extremely lucky to be there during a week with
unusually high temperatures for that time of year - we had days where we were
wearing t-shirts outside because it was almost 20 degree celsius!
Even if you don't strike weather gold NYC is still worth visiting in the offseason because
the crowds will be less overwhelming and the prices for Airbnbs will be more reasonable.
NYC has some of the best museums in the world so don't miss your
chance to stay warm inside of the Met the Guggenheim or a personal favorite of mine
The Tenement Museum. And those are my top five travel destinations for 2019!
Thanks so much for watching this video if you want to see
more about my trip to Puerto Rico then click on this playlist here, if you want
to come and join me on the amazing Natural and Cultural Encounters in the
Amazon tour then click this link for all of the details I would love to have
you join me it's gonna be an amazing experience.
While you're at it make sure you hit the subscribe button so that you don't miss
any of my future videos and as always I hope you're having adventures and
following your dreams and I'll see you in the next one. bye!
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Top 5 Winter Travel Destinations 2019

152 Folder Collection
Helena published on November 19, 2019    陳美瑩 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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