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00:00:23,480 --> 00:00:29,160 NICE! Zed LeBlanc matchup, this one's always a fun one. I like to go purple against LeBlanc
there's no way you lose, there's no way you lose.
Who in their life has ever regretted this many longswords?
I don't think anybody has. Everybody that has built this many longswords
has said wow what a good investment
00:01:00,000 --> 00:01:03,984 oh yeeeees that's some bm.When will this man's longsword addiction end?
I don't know I simply couldn't tell you I don't know if it will
00:01:09,580 --> 00:01:10,080
00:01:10,080 --> 00:01:10,580
00:01:10,580 --> 00:01:11,080
00:01:11,080 --> 00:01:11,580
00:01:11,580 --> 00:01:12,080
00:01:12,080 --> 00:01:12,580
00:01:12,580 --> 00:01:13,080
00:01:13,080 --> 00:01:13,580
00:01:13,580 --> 00:01:14,080
00:01:14,080 --> 00:01:14,580
00:01:14,580 --> 00:01:15,080
00:01:15,080 --> 00:01:15,580
00:01:15,580 --> 00:01:16,080
00:01:16,080 --> 00:01:17,600 Bye bye
00:01:19,560 --> 00:01:20,060
00:01:20,060 --> 00:01:20,560
00:01:20,560 --> 00:01:21,060
00:01:21,060 --> 00:01:27,290 Do you see how into this leblanc I play aggressive; I don't back out like a little bitch I can
tell she is used to versing people that as soon as a leblanc walks up they go oooohh
leblanc I need to move back
Play aggressive into these players they always, dude what the fuck was that why did my combo
come out wrong
Yo, always play aggressive into people they don't know what to do because they're used
to everybody being terrified of them
00:01:47,580 --> 00:01:48,080
00:01:48,080 --> 00:01:48,580
00:01:48,580 --> 00:01:49,080
00:01:49,080 --> 00:01:55,590 Ahhh I was about to take the cannon but then I remembered I had flashbacks to me under
tower, the shen sitting there waiting for the ult, i give.
I don't want to uuuuult Beautiful, I saw Taliyah burnt hourglass so
i knew she didn't have it so i focused her
she should come up and W that, Nice.
Who art thou be the clearer?
NO, what?
What an unfortunate series of events KHAZIX you're not meeee
Gooood, winnable Ult in 10, I can get a lot up here, I hope
they don't die OHHHyes
No way I lose these, Have you ever seen me lose these ever before chat?
And we win the game.
Chat am I a choker?
No Ahhh guys can we end or no?
Goodluck guys, this is where you differentiate yourselves!
Leblanc has left the game she thought it was over!
Dave, Dave Dave, thanks guys Did I make a mistake that game yes or no?
I think I made a couple of mistakes but i think my plays outweighed them
Honour goes to shen I really like that guy Nobody cares about the OPL stop reminding
me I've never had fish tacos in
my life what about you guys?
It's TFblade! it's actually Tfblade, it's Tfblade in 30 years guys.
His stream is dead so he starts a taco truck So you
have fish good meal.
Tacos good meal.
But then why fish tacos?
Why do you use the poor zed skin?
I don't understand this is the best zed skin there is.
Look at it.
He's actual just full ninja.
There zed is kind of hard to see, kinda low key, he really does blend into terrain.
Pink zed is, like you just get a highlighter and say FOCUS ME please.
Well that was pointless, she has aery so her early laning is going to be a little more
Aery is always going to give a little more damage, especially level one where it's hard
to proc electrocute.
Thank you very much.
OH no!
Fucking whole gang of them.
My bad.
Can't kill the Elise cause she will just, she can dodge my damage with her spider bullshit.
Item's like mercs, when you're playing assassins like this, in a game, look at their CC man,
like, if you're not going mercs, please man, just FF15 leave the game.
You're trolling everybody including yourself.
Oh, Ok yummi you did absolutely fucking nothing there for me there did ya?
Ohh no she is going to get back on me isn't she.
Oi man you hurt Ehh it was a funnish game, had a couple of
plays, but had to play patient though.
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229 Folder Collection
吳承叡 published on November 19, 2019
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