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Welcome back to English In A Minute.
I'm James and today we're going to talk about a word
with lots of different uses: can.
I can play the guitar.
This is the first way that we can use 'can'
– to talk about ability.
For example:
I can speak Spanish, but I can't fly.
Let's look at another use of 'can'.
Can I open the window, Elly?
Elly: No, you can't! It's too cold!
James: Oh, OK!
In this example, 'can' is used to ask for or give
permission to do something.
Can I go for lunch, Elly?
Elly: Yes, of course you can, James!
James: Oh, thank you!
Learning a language can be difficult.
In this final example,
'can' is used to talk about possibility.
Elly take a jacket. It can get cold at night!
Elly: OK! Thanks, James!
James: This means that sometimes it is cold,
but sometimes it isn't.
So there we have it.
'Can' can be used for ability, permission and possibility.
Now you, can use 'can' too.
See you next time!
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3 uses of 'can' - English In A Minute

974 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 18, 2019
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