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  • Soo Zee and Leigh are coffee drinkers.

  • From time to time, they will enjoy a nice cup of tea, but most days it's all about the...

  • coffee.

  • Soo Zee and Leigh are spoiled by Seoul.

  • Coffee is always quite literally around the corner.

  • It's not only good coffee. Good coffee shops are easily found.

  • But some places in the world...

  • It's all about tea.

  • What are you making?

  • Tea, want one?

  • Tea never appeals to Soo Zee.

  • It's never the same as coffee.

  • Then Soo Zee discovered tea biscuits.

  • Tea didn't seem so bad when she got to eat biscuits with it.

  • Then Lee discovered it wasn't just biscuits.

  • You could enjoy tea with tarts, brax, and three tiers of tasty treats.

  • You would never pay 20 euro for a cup of coffee, but for tea?

  • Leigh can get behind it.

  • But tea looks more like...

  • This cup of tea is good for when you're sad, when you have a cold, when you need a break from work.

  • When you're in between sightseeing you need to sit down for a second, when you're tired and need a pick me up.

  • When you want to catch up with friends, when you don't want to get out of bed, or you have unwanted guests that you are totally unprepared for and need to avoid talking to.

  • Pretty much every situation.

  • It's not black... or green... it's just... tea.

  • Cozy, comfortable, and even though it's not a cup of coffee, you'll have one.

Soo Zee and Leigh are coffee drinkers.

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