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Very interesting?
Look at the cable car like this...
Hey~ Hey!
We are now on the cable car...
Hey ~ cool cable car!
So high!
Very high!
Look, there is a sea behind...
There are sea otters behind!
Oh~~~ So beautiful!
Super beautiful! A lot of boats~
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We are now~ going to Sentosa
Then, we have to use it...
Take the cross-sea bridge in the past!
Have you seen that there?
Sentosa Express
Their light rail
Only... two sections?
Right~ Two sections!
Full of cute~
When we come back, sit back! Um~
We can use the past of the walk~ right...
So is it right to go below?
Correct! This past~
Yes~ Free money! Uh huh~
Free of money...but you need to sit on that (into the island)
4 new coins! Yes~ Uh!
4 new coins? That's it...
Almost 100 Taiwan dollars! Right~
4 SGD can eat one...
Hainan chicken rice is yeah!
It's More Fun on Foot!
It's more fun to use~
Maybe... XD
However, Singapore is very close to you...
They are afraid that you are too tired to have it...
Which airport does he have?
The kind of escalator... Do you know?
really? Right ~ foot escalator (?)
So you won't go very tired~
Here Sentosa is full of such escalators...
Did you climb the mountain? Right~
It also has an escalator to sit ~ cool!
Wait a minute and you will know!
Wait a minute, you will know... Right!
Wow~ repair...
(The bad luck just happened to meet the maintenance day...QQ)
This is not bad~ At least this sunshade?
Right~ No need to sun!
You will feel like walking into this island...
You will start to feel like a vacation!
Look, there are 475 meters...
To Sentosa... Uh huh~
(There will be signs on the way to tell you the remaining distance 喔~)
Wow~ inside (elevator) is not open...
Did not open QQ
I don't know why it didn't open...
If it is open, it will be a lot easier! Right~
(If you are tired~ there is a viewing platform next to you to rest!)
The cable car is actually quite long. I found out...
correct! Go there yeah... 咻~~~
Going in~~~
(It takes about 15 minutes to walk into the island... depending on the footsteps!)
Here, when you walk in, there will be a ticket office.
Then we want to buy a ticket?
However, we have already bought a ticket at Tianyu.
Uh huh~ cheaper...
So don't use it here to buy ~
Buying more expensive here!
Come to Sentosa is also free to play...
You don't want to go anywhere.
Outside... you can go to the beach!
Uh huh~ the outer place...
No money on the beach~ Right!
Then... then this area should be eaten~
Uh oh... Right~
Then Universal Studios is going to walk in...
(I don't know what the bird's voice is? XD)
Malaysia Food Street~~~
Go in and have a look~
So cool!
Here are 7 meals to eat...
8 bars...
(Remind everyone that after entering Sentosa Island, it is a popular sightseeing spot...)
(So ​​the consumption on the island will be even higher than in the city!)
Universal Studios!
Here is the ticket office~
(See the EP3 for a cheap ticket purchase guide or refer to the ticket purchase link below!)
But we didn't have to go in, XD
(Jie has already played Universal Studios in Singapore before~)
(Next time, bring your travel companions together and have a look at XD)
Are you going to the casino? Uh huh~
Casino can't go in photography XD again
Festival Avenue!
Hey~ there is it! Right~ Go straight ahead...
I have seen that head!
Hey~~~ How?
This is the largest merlion in Singapore...
But it won't spray water XD
Here is another station...
Here is another MRT station!
More than ~
Ok, it's too hot here!
Remember to bring this when you come here...
A little more water coming over~ because it's too hot!
Too hot and too hot~
Buy an ice!
Oh... it's so cool!
Sile Ice Sile Ice ~~~
There is that weight cup here~
2.6喔...Sile ice?
Two dollars... well~
Buy a big cup and two dollars...
Which one do you want?
Cola and ~ Fanta Apple...
Two cups...weight cup!
Thank you~ Ok...
Ok~ you loaded... you loaded!
You have to cover the cover first~
Cover first
Why is the lid first covered?
The lid should be covered first...right~
This can be installed more ~
is it? Do you understand~
Is this the case? Yes~
Didn't you buy Sile Ice when you were young?
No, ah~
Bigger! Bigger~
Right... Hey! ! !
You can't even install a Sile Ice...
I haven't installed it~ I can't stand it...
(Get out of the way! Let the professional come to XD)
Just like this~
(Immediately paint XD)
Are you sure the lid is like this?
Okay... this way~
that's it? correct!
how is it?
It's really cool!
Look at you...
There are escalators everywhere!
Ok~ Go up!
Go up? Right~ Go up!
is not it? Very intimate place~
There is this everywhere (elevator)
This is a... Wax Museum~
Going in to ask for money, right?
Yes! Nonsense XD
(Mrs. Tussauds Wax Museum)
Is this right?
Yeah~ This is okay... this is safe!
Is this correct with that control? Right~
This is also full of fun...
After you finish drinking, go sit down~
Let's do it now... Come and play the slope block~
Look at this map...
There are three to four lines to go inside... um~
Yes... you have to choose one!
Just choose... see what you want to choose... Which one is slipping?
We slipped the orange one in the middle...
Which one is orange? It feels far away to...
Show off the ticket...
Deng Yu ~~~
Ok, let's go!
(See the EP3 for a cheap ticket purchase guide or refer to the ticket purchase link below!)
Very interesting?
Look at the cable car like this...
I want blue!
(Starting! Rushing XD)
Hey~ Hey!
(almost hit it...)
(I want to overtake...the result is also stuck and can't turn XD)
(Take this one well~ Avoid the lady just...)
(Sure enough, she is stuck again = = + )
Uh ...
(The result is still a stuck = =)
(Well... I have been blocked by people /_\)
(Jess doesn't know where he has slipped to XD)
(The next step is the exciting air chair!)
Our hat can be taken down~ Right!
Hat~ Forgot to return...
What should I do?
Just wait and pick it up and put it next to the chair...
Hit it straight! XD
Prepare 啰~
it is good!
So funny! Interesting?
Here... this (both feet vacant) is terrible!
We are now on the cable car...
Hey ~ cool cable car!
So high!
Very high!
Don't keep your feet shaking all the time...
Don't keep shaking you!
Hey...XD is super high!
Look, there is a sea behind... There are sea otters behind!
Oh~~~ So beautiful!
Super beautiful! A lot of boats~
Hey~ Good!
Look at the slope block~
This is beautiful... it is beautiful!
So this is equal to a circle like this... is it?
(coming soon to the highest point!)
呜~~~ Cool!
It's like the kind of skiing in Japan...
That~ Is there? Snowmobile (cable car)... Yes~
Let's go back like this~ Hey?
Go back to the original place~
really? Right~
(You can't help but want to shake your feet, XD)
We just got here... here (departure)
Hey~~~ Right...
There is still that yeah...the cable car~
The hat is back!
Over there~ there over there... that hole!
how is it? How do you feel?
It's quite interesting! XD
Slope block and cable car~
Really...what tricks have XD
(Is the travel companion interesting?)
(Let's leave a message to tell us!)
(Sentosa's next episode to be continued XD)
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Skyline LugeSentosa

312 Folder Collection
徐子博 published on November 16, 2019
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