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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:01,932 12 days is a holiday tradition on this show,
and there's another holiday tradition that I started.
Every year, I go on eBay, and I buy a bunch of toys
to show you.
Some are good.
Some are bad.
But they're all very, very real.
And this one-- oh, it's a good one.
This first toy is a Ken doll.
You know Ken from Ken and Barbie, right?
This is Earring Magic Ken.
That's right.
He comes with two earrings, one for each of his double lives.
00:00:33,380 --> 00:00:34,870 Here's another one that I found.
It's called Titanic-Bot.
It can transform from the Titanic into a robot.
So it's two bad toys in one.
00:00:46,780 --> 00:00:48,990 All right, here's another one I found.
You have to be real careful what you buy on eBay.
This one is the Spader-Man.
00:00:55,670 --> 00:00:58,820 Yeah, Spader-Man.
If you have a kid that loves James Spader,
this is literally the only toy for your child.
Finally, I am legally required to show you
an inappropriate sexual toy.
So here it is.
It's called the Silly Sausage is what it is.
00:01:22,541 --> 00:01:23,990 OK.
So, there's a little thing that it says.
It says poke me.
00:01:36,440 --> 00:01:39,068 I'm already regretting it, but I'm going to poke it.
Silly sausage.
Come on.
Play with me.
00:01:48,797 --> 00:01:50,759 Hello?
You can twist it.
Come on.
Play with me.
I'm not doing it, I won't.
But it does, it says you can twist it, and shake it,
and play with it.
And if you need help figuring out how to play,
just ask Earring Magic Ken.
He's got one of these.
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Ellen Reviews Very Silly and Very Real Toys

104 Folder Collection
294701639 published on November 16, 2019
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