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00:00:04,725 --> 00:00:06,600 Unrest in Hong Kong broke out over the summer
and it's continued ever since.
00:00:11,260 --> 00:00:14,559 But it may now have reached a critical turning point.
There are two new developments.
First, growing violence and a sense of chaos in the streets.
00:00:24,460 --> 00:00:27,100 Second, an increasingly harsh tone
from the authorities in both Hong Kong and Beijing.
The shocking recent footage of a demonstrator
being shot in the chest by a policeman
and of a pro-Beijing counter -demonstrator being
doused in petrol and set alight have gone around the world.
After many months in which violence has been very limited
these alarming new developments have increased the sense
that events are now spiralling out of control.
The demonstrations, which used to take place on weekends
and did little to disrupt normal life,
are now spilling over into the week.
The atmosphere in Hong Kong is increasingly
anarchic with vandalism and disruptions
to public transport on the rise.
The violence, as well as increasing problems
on the public transport system, has led the Hong Kong police
to warn that the city is 'on the brink of chaos'.
But the police themselves are deeply
controversial with the demonstrators.
Carrie Lam, the city's chief executive
is using harsher language.
00:01:33,380 --> 00:01:35,759 And Beijing's spokesman on Hong Kong affairs
has called for the introduction of a new national security
law in Hong Kong and more patriotic education, measures
which would further outrage the pro-democracy forces
in the territory.
All eyes will now be on local elections on November the 24th
where there are a number of pro-democracy candidates
But there must be a risk that the situation in Hong Kong
will boil over even before the vote takes place.
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Why escalating violence has left Hong Kong on the edge | FT

194 Folder Collection
洪子雯 published on November 15, 2019
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