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Kim is afraid and overprotective.
But in order for Luke to progress,
she needs to stop focusing on his limitations
and instead encourage him towards what he can do.
Come on, Lukey.
CESAR: Come on.
KIM: Come on, Lukey.
CESAR: Come on, come on.
Now go on the front.
You're learning if you go in the back it doesn't work for him.
This is him right here.
So if you go on the back, it's like, ugh!
I can't. KIM: Yeah.
So you move, and that's when you give him the momentum where
he can do this.
KIM: Yeah.
Now the position now, you've got to go around.
There we go, see?
Now you wait.
And then as soon as he moves, there you go.
KIM: Come on.
CESAR: OK, keep going.
Keep going, keep going. And then drop the leash.
There you go. KIM: Oh, good dog.
Oh, good puppy!
All right, good puppy.
Good puppy.
CESAR: You saw it?
How much pressure did you put?
Not much.
That's right.
CESAR (VOICEOVER): Getting Luke to stand up
is an important first step.
But if Kim wants him to have a normal life,
she will have to learn how to lead him on a walk.
Now I just want you to stay in straight line--
--and for him to be next to you,
doing this thing as you walk.
Yeah, like he's so unsteady so I get, nervous that,
like, where is he going?
Is he going to topple over?
He doesn't walk straight.
So your energy is also unsteady,
because you're nervous. - Yeah.
You see that energy? So you're, like, doing this.
It's like, OK, both of us, we have no legs.
[both laughing]
CESAR (VOICEOVER): I'm seeing a lot of potential
for improvement with Luke.
Now I just need a breakthrough with Kim.
What do you do for a living?
I'm an architect.
So right now we're building a new international terminal
at LAX.
CESAR (VOICEOVER): Kim knows how to be a strong leader.
She does it every day in her high-powered career.
So I need to see her apply that mindset with Luke.
Just a straight line.
Just give me one straight line.
OK, let's go.
CESAR: Nice, nice.
You can switch it, there you go.
All right, good puppy.
Give him a little more.
Ah, beautiful.
Let's go. Good job.
Ah-ha! Ah-ha.
Drop it, drop it, drop it.
Good job! CESAR: Heyyy!
CESAR: That's it! - Good job!
CESAR: Very good.
The breakthrough moment for us was when we were able to just
walk in a straight line without me having
to really drag him along.
Good job.
CESAR: Open that door.
Take the leash off.
You're going to give him the other side of the dog park.
That's his reward.
There you go, yay!
There you go, let's go.
Let's all go. - Go, go.
Let's go. Come on, Lukey.
I think the biggest thing I learned
today is that so much of Luke's abilities and inabilities
are due to me.
He can go a lot longer than I think he can.
CESAR: Yeah.
I'm really excited to see what tomorrow brings with Luke,
because I feel like in one day we've made
so much progress with Cesar.
CESAR: So I'll see you tomorrow? KIM: Yeah!
CESAR: Good.
This is good stuff.
To help Luke, we need to understand Kim.
Sometimes when people adopt dogs and the empathy level
is so high, it turns into feeling guilty or feeling bad
or feeling sorry for the dog.
So today I needed Kim to lower her fear
and raise her confident energy.
Tomorrow I'm going to help Kim address the fear
Luke has toward strangers.
But today was a great start.
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Gaining Confidence on Three Legs | Cesar Millan's Dog Nation

25 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 15, 2019
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