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CESAR: Sho 'Nuff was rescued from a Korean dog meat market.
But since coming to America, he's been acting
dangerously around other dogs.
At my Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles,
I can work with him off-leash in a safe place.
OLGA: I'm excited.
CESAR: And hopefully, take the next step
in his rehabilitation.
OSCAR: What's up? CESAR: Welcome.
OLGA: Hello.
CESAR: Welcome.
Let's go study him inside the dog park.
I want to see a little of how he feels off-leash.
OK. OSCAR: Sure.
Sure. CESAR: All right.
I'm going to have him meet two of my dogs
and show Olga and Oscar the type of dog personalities
they can target to help Sho 'Nuff socialize.
I'm going to bring you a very submissive dog, Holly.
She's the beige Labrador, and the other dog is Joe.
I think Joe is like 13, 14 years old, so he's a senior.
OLGA: Yeah.
CESAR: So he has a lot of wisdom.
[music playing]
CESAR: So I'm not telling him not to engage with her.
What I'm saying is that way of engagement for first day
is way too much.
Now, Holly will never fight back.
OSCAR: Right.
CESAR: So there's a perfect dog for a dog
that is mainly excited.
OLGA: Mm-hmm.
CESAR: See, that's a playful state.
OSCAR: Yeah.
CESAR: Now, we're going to bring Joe.
Joe is going to definitely ask for more respect.
OSCAR: Ah, Joe don't play that.
CESAR: Yeah.
I'm giving you the elder-- OLGA: Right.
CESAR: --and the most sensitive.
OSCAR: Yeah.
CESAR: And so if you can control your dog around that,
then you can build on age and sensitivity.
OSCAR: Sure.
OLGA: Yeah, Joe.
OSCAR: Take-- more standing his ground.
OLGA: Joe does not like that.
CESAR: There.
Just so calm. That's good.
OLGA: Yeah.
OSCAR: Look.
OLGA: Yeah.
CESAR: When Joe and Holly came into the dog park,
I still had a whole lot of apprehension
because I've seen what Sho 'Nuff has done,
but it was an immediate sigh of relief
for us to see him interact with Joe in a highly peaceful manner
right away and that he can do it.
We just need to let him.
Sho 'Nuff is doing so well, it's time for his big reward.
He gets to run around with my sheep.
CESAR: And just enjoy the natural excitement dogs
get from sheep herding.
OSCAR: I'll believe this one when I see it.
[music playing]
OSCAR: Oh, my good--
CESAR: He's cutting. OSCAR: Wow.
OLGA: What?
We have a herd dog.
OSCAR: We got a sheep-herding dog.
OLGA: What is going on here?
I never thought that Sho 'Nuff would be herding sheep today.
I am still in shock about that.
[laughing] OSCAR: I was 100%--
OLGA: I had no idea.
OSCAR: --convinced that Sho 'Nuff would attack the sheep,
and that Sho 'Nuff would be staying
here for a couple weeks. CESAR: Nice.
OSCAR: He didn't even try to bite him.
OSCAR: And he just gave them respect.
CESAR: It's incredible.
OSCAR: This is the best day of Sho Nuff's life, no doubt.
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Learning Control | Cesar Millan's Dog Nation

26 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 15, 2019
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