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of everything.
He has no social skills with people or anything
other than the inside of a cage.
Right now, we are helping his handler,
Lauren, get a leash on him.
Right there.
You're gonna just relax.
[runs against fence]
You stay right there, Andre.
He's going.
See that?
It's a sign of surrendering.
That's a good sign.
So he doesn't know that I don't--
I'm not gonna put the leash on.
That's not what I want.
I just have to have the leash on me
so he associates me that way.
So here to the post.
That's it.
That's it.
See it?
So here, I'm rewarding that he didn't got up.
LAUREN: Take off.
CESAR MILAN: That's right.
By backing off before Bruce tries to run,
he learns that I'm not a threat.
If I approach him in stages, I can gain his trust
and eventually move closer and closer.
LAUREN: Very nice.
Longer period of time, right?
So not because human comes towards you,
they want to pet you.
Not because human comes to you, they want to--
-Leash you. - --leash you.
Now you do it.
Now your turn.
Just a touch.
Just go towards him, yeah.
And there you go.
And walk back?
Walk out.
See, look at the ears down.
See, he's realizing nothing bad is happening.
I don't have to flight.
I can be in my corner.
He can be, like, well, let the humans keep touching the wall.
ANDRE: Yeah.
I don't know why humans touch the wall, but if, you know--
CESAR MILAN (VOICEOVER): Bruce is getting more
comfortable with us, so it is a good time for Lauren
to try and put his leash on.
Don't forget, don't forget.
There you go, nice nice, nice.
Wait, wait, and relax.
[inhales] [exhales] There, beautiful, nice.
Let's go this way.
Mhm, there you go.
All right.
[music playing]
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Approaching an Apprehensive Dog | Cesar Millan's Dog Nation

25 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 15, 2019
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