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Welcome to Tokyo on a hot summer afternoon
Temperature sored to 35 degrees celcius
with humidity that rivals the sauna
Many people carry hand towels with them
to wipe the sweat away
In our last eating challenge in August,
I was practically melting in within
It's that hot
So how does one stay cool during the summer in Tokyo?
This may be the best way
Eat icecream
Lots of it
And joining me for this special ice cream report is
Hello Aoi, how are you?
I'm fine thank you
So today we'll be eating icecream
Ice cream...yes
is a place where they have a unique ice cream cone
But first,
We're going to EBISU to take a look at
a real traditional ice cream shop
Take a look
Check it out!
Japanese Ice OUCA
is a trendy place on a busy intersection in Ebisu
where you can get some unique flavors
It's colorful
All natural
Flavors include:
Cherry blossom and red bean
Soy bean powder and brown sugar
brown sugar and roasted green tea
Peach from Yamanashi Prefecture
Green tea from Kyoto
It's hard to pick one, but that's normal here
Pick three!
Size ranges from small to super large
I went for the cherry blossom and red bean
Macha green tea,
and soy bean powder and brown sugar flavors
It comes with a cookie for a crisp bite
and salty seaweed strips
to add contrast to the sweetness
Trust me, it goes well together
Dig in, and let the cooling off begin
It really adds that
extra dimension that you don't get at any other
western ice cream shops
the salty, the sweet
the crunchy
It's nice to watch life pass you by in Ebisu
but it's so much better with ice cream
I wanted to know more about the store concept
so I asked the staff about it
They also have the shaved ice with milk ice cream
Polar bear
The red one with strawberry ears
and bean eyes are ultra cute
and super delicious
but we're not done
oh, no
This is the finale at OUCA
Shaved ice with green tea icecream
green tea syrup
Azuki red beans
and Mochi rice balls
in a trophy glass bowl
I can dream of this every night
The first bite
I'm instantly infected with a cold fever
It's the perfect match for me
ice cream, red beans
and green tea syrup and ice cream
it's so cool, it's hot
It needs to be devoured, right now
If you feel the urge,
head to Ebisu
for some of the best Japanese ice cream around
Back in Nakano
Aoi and I are ready
for the next ice cream flavor challenge
and this is it!
ice cream!
This is Daily Chico
and they have fantastic
Tower Ice Cream
They have 8 flavors
Cafe au lait
green tea
and 3 sizes
and super size
The tower ice cream cone
All 8 flavors in 1
prices are reasonable, too
I guess you're gonna be able to eat this
this ice cream challenge with no problem, right?
Are you ready?
Let's go
Suzuki san preps the cone
Then fills her up
one swirl for each flavor
A sugary sky scraper
It defies gravity
It feels heavy in the hand
It's 700 grams
and maybe a bazillion calories
but who's counting?
What's the deal with this tower ice cream cone, anyway?
This is huge
It's 700 grams of ice cream
There's lot of flavors in here
RAMUNE is probably the most Japanese flavor
taste is soda
Are you ready?
This thing is melting fast
Melting so fast
Melting melting!
There is no rule book on how to eat this thing
biting, licking, gulping, sucking
It's all legal
But eat quickly
Be aware of the brain freeze
It can hit hard
right at the finish line
Look at your hand
It's not over
Be careful when you eat it
you beat me
I won
That's not the point
The point is we come here to stay cool
And we're really cool
Very very coolu
Very very cool
and I have a headache
A little bit of a headache
brain freeze
but we're lot cooler now
so if you want to survive the Japanese summer
come to Nakano
Eat some Japanese ice cream
and have some fun!
yeah, fun!
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Japanese Ice Cream Flavor Challenge ★ ONLY in JAPAN #34

381 Folder Collection
Erina Hagi published on November 15, 2019
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