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  • - I'm Trae Basore from Pearl & Ash in New York City.

  • I'm gonna show you how to make the perfect Hollandaise.

  • (knife rasps) (music dings)

  • (music with a steady beat)

  • We're gonna start with cracking our eggs,

  • and we're only going to use the yolks.

  • And we're gonna place it right into our bowl here.

  • So we have our egg yolks in our bowl,

  • and then we have a pot with water underneath,

  • and we're just going to simmer this water.

  • We're gonna add our lemon juice,

  • and then what we're doing, this is a double boiler,

  • this allows us to cook our egg yolks

  • but to not scramble them.

  • Usually this'll take anywhere between

  • three and a half to five minutes

  • depending on how hot your water is underneath it.

  • So we're gonna cook it to where we see ribbons,

  • right where it just starts keeping its shape

  • when you lift it above.

  • And this is where we're gonna add our butter.

  • So we just wanna start with our melted butter and slowly

  • add it while we're still whisking this egg mixture.

  • Just a little bit at a time, incorporate it,

  • and then keep going back.

  • If you add all of it at once,

  • then it's easy for what we call the emulsion to break,

  • and that's when it becomes greasy

  • and just not a smooth, nice, fluffy sauce.

  • And we're gonna season it with salt a little bit of pepper.

  • And then you know you have the perfect consistency

  • when you put in the spoon and it just pours easily

  • and that's gonna coat your eggs benedict

  • or whatever you're having perfectly.

  • For, I'm Trae Basore.

- I'm Trae Basore from Pearl & Ash in New York City.

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