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- Three years after leaving Fox News,
Megyn Kelly is making her return to the network.
The former Fox News host left the network
in January of 2017 after public conflicts with
her former colleagues Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.
But she's now returning to the network on Wednesday night
for a sit down interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Carlson announced the news on Monday, saying,
"This Wednesday night, two nights from now,
"someone who knows an awful lot about NBC is making
"her first TV appearance since parting ways from
"that channel nearly a year ago.
"Megyn Kelly will join us on this program
"for her first interview."
Carlson hinted that her appearance will be in regards
to reporter Ronan Farrow's claims about NBC
in his new book Catch and Kill.
Kelly parted ways with NBC in January
after public outcry over the host's treatment
of the topic of blackface during a segment
about Halloween costumes on Megyn Kelly Today.
According to sources who spoke with
The Hollywood Reporter at the time,
the agreement between the host and the network
means she was paid out the remainder of her
three year $69 million contract upon her departure.
That being said, this Fox News appearance doesn't mean
Kelly will be returning to the network any time soon.
A Fox News spokesperson spoke out in a statement, saying,
"Megyn Kelly's forthcoming guest appearance
"on Tucker Carlson Tonight was coordinated weeks ago
"and is a one-time occurrence.
"Any future programming changes we are considering
"do not involve her."
Kelly has previously written about her time at Fox News
and with accused sexual harasser
and former Fox News Chief Roger Ailes
in her book Settle For More.
Kelly will be portrayed by Charlize Theron
in the upcoming film Bombshell,
which depicts Ailes' downfall at the media company.
For more on this story head to,
and until next time for The Hollywood Reporter News,
I'm Neha Joy.
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Megyn Kelly Scores Guest Spot on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' | THR News

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on November 15, 2019
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