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(music playing)
- All right moms, settle down, settle down please.
My name is Ms. Shankar, but, hey.
That's the name of my unwed aunt, so call me Ms. S.
I am your teacher for today and we are gonna
learn some pretty fun stuff. To start?
- Psh. Who's this bozo?
- I hear she's some daughter here
to teach us about computers.
- Sorry, is there a problem ladies?
- Email's a waste of time. Can't we just read a book?
- (laughs) You wanna read a book?
- Yeah.
- Is a book gonna give you coupons?
- (gasps) Coupons, where are coupons?
- Email has coupons?
- Almost too many.
Now, um. These textbooks?
Toss 'em.
Yeah. You can toss 'em.
So you're just, sort of, gently putting them...
- [Mom With Red Glasses] We don't throw books.
- You're all very considerate moms. Okay.
Who here can tell me how to write an email?
- Do you forward a chain message?
- No. Don't do that, people hate those.
Anyone else?
- Do I shout at the machine until I wake up my daughter?
- Uh, no. Close but no. Anyone else?
- Is it shouting?
- So, to write an email, you hit the compose button.
So that's gonna be the little square icon with the pencil.
We all looking? Okay, great. Yeah?
- What's my password? My son set up my account
and he said he was gonna write my password
on a sticky note but he never did.
- [Mom With Floral Shirt] That's a bad son.
- Damn.
All right everyone calm down, mind your business.
Okay, show's over. (sighs)
Okay. We're gonna get that password back for you, all right?
Let's just get it sent to you. Boom. You're in.
- Thanks Ms. S.
- [Ms. S] Moving on. Yes.
- Ms. S? How do you respond to an email?
- Wow, okay, we got a little Einstein
Miss Eager Beaver over here!
- (laughs) She's funny!
- She could be on that Seinfeld.
- Yes!
- So. To reply to an email you hit
the little curved arrow button.
- So I don't have to write a new email
every single time I reply to an existing email?
- No. In fact, never do that. That sucks.
Now we're gonna move on to managing your inbox.
- I like her. But has she gained weight during this class?
- Or lost weight?
- Whatever is going on with her body naturally, it's bad.
- Focus up.
Excuse me?
You in the back?
What, no laptop?
- So? Email's dumb.
When am I gonna even need to use that horse hockey?
- Now we're not being polite.
- All right. Let's break it down for ya.
Picture email like a Kmart.
But, you can't know what's in the Kmart
unless you know how to get there.
So, the internet's like your car, the inbox
is like a coupon flyer, and the message, well,
that's like a novelty coffee mug
with a picture of coffee on it.
- I would love that.
- Yeah, it's incredible.
(bell rings)
- All right, scram everyone. And make sure to do
your assignment, okay? Do not write
an email with caps lock in it.
- [Woman With Floral Shirt] But I can't turn mine off.
- [Woman With Purple Sweater] Me neither!
- Well, I'll figure that out next time.
- Thanks Ms. S.
- Hey, Ms. S? That lesson was pretty cool today.
- Well, thank you Linda.
- Call me Mrs. Carson.
- Um...
- Yeah?
- Would it...
- (laughs) Mrs. Carson, please. Don't think of
me as just your teacher, think of me as your pal.
You can talk to me.
- Would it kill you to do something different
with your hair?
- Okay, I like my hair the way it is.
- It doesn't suit your face at all.
- Are you kidding me? Tons of people like my hair!
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This Cool Professor Teaches Your Mom Email

25 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on November 15, 2019
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