A2 Basic UK 86 Folder Collection
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My name is Alejandra. I am from Paraguay.
My name is Karina Vardanyan
and I initially come from Russia
but I have been living and working
in Germany for about ten years now.
My name is Maria Scekic.
I was born in Russia
but I have been living and working in Croatia for the past several years.
Well my name is Julieta.
I'm from Argentina.
I've been teaching for five years now and I'm currently teaching at a
private language school.
There are different grades and different
the students are from different ages too.
My name is Zdenka Machacova.
I live and work in a small town in the south east of the Czech Republic.
I've been teaching English like
thousands of years
you know.
I can't even tell you.
Well my mother is also a teacher
and my grandmother too
so I believe it runs in the family.
You know what this is quite funny.
I've been using the Headway
I would say my whole life because I started learning English
with Headway
as a learner and then I now work with Headway as a teacher.
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86 Folder Collection
吳威帝 published on November 15, 2019
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