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Hi! Sian here again!
Now, we all love going on holiday,
but these two words can cause problems.
So a 'journey' is a noun
and refers to a single piece of travel
- so, when you move from one place to another
by car, plane, train, bus.
The journey to London takes three hours by bus.
A 'trip' is also a noun,
but usually refers to more than one journey
and the time you spend in a place.
So, if someone asks
'How was your trip?'
they're asking about the whole time you are away,
not the journey.
Phil: How was your camping trip, Sian?
Sian: It was fun, but it rained all weekend!
A 'trip' is often quite short compared to a holiday,
and we can use it in these set phrases.
So you can have a business trip,
a school trip or a day trip.
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Journey and Trip - English In A Minute

1060 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 14, 2019
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