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Dentist Trip
Every morning Peppa and George brush their teeth
scrub! scrub! scrub!
George! Are your teeth is clean as mine?
Peppa asks showing off her clean white teeth
You both have lovely clean teeth
I'm sure the dentist will be happy, calls out daddy pig
Later that day, Peppa and George are at the dentist
Waiting for their checkup
It is George's first visit
Peppa, George, the dentist will see you now says Miss Rabbit the nurse
Hooray! they both cheer
Peppa, George, the dentist will see you now
This is doctor elephant, the dentist
Who's first? I'm first!! replies Peppa
I'm a big girl. watch me George
Hello Peppa! have you been brushing your teeth?
I'm first because I'm a big girl
Open wide please! orders doctor elephant, softly
Peppa opens her mouth as wide as she possibly can
Let's take a look, says the dentist
Checking Peppa's teeth with a mirror
I hope you have been eating too many sweeties Peppa
Now! Let's take a look
There! All done!
What lovely clean teeth! cheers doctor elephant
Now you can have the special drink
Peppa spits the pink liquid out into the sink
It's George's turn next
Very please to meet you Mr.Dinosaur
George! Now it's your turn
Grrrr Dinosaur!!
George does not want it to be his turn
So the dentist lets him hold Mr.Dinosaur
All done! you have very strong clean teeth George
smiles doctor elephant
Hold tight!! You're doing very well George
Now, can you show me your teeth?
But wait! What is this?
cries doctor elephant
George has clean teeth
But this young dinosaur's teeth are very dirty
Oh no!
Doctor elephant is very cross with Mr.Dinosaur
Not at all Peppa It's my job to make teeth clean
The water jet please Miss Rabbit
orders the dentist
He uses the water to clean Mr.Dinosaur's teeth
Slosh! Slosh! Slosh!
Pink! cries George
picking up a glass
That's right George, says the dentist
Mr.Dinosaur needs some special pink drink
Gurgle! Gurgle!
That's right George
Gosh! what shiny teeth you have Mr.Dinosaur, cries Miss Rabbit
Dinosaur!! Grrrr!! snorts George
George loves Mr.Dinosaur
Thus specially now he has nice clean teeth
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Peppa Pig Dentist Trip - Peppa Pig Stories

46 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 14, 2019
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