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My government's priority has always
been to secure the United Kingdom's departure
from the European Union.
Today's Queen's Speech was less of a legislative agenda
for the next parliament and more of a Conservative party
That's because Boris Johnson, the prime minister,
knows he doesn't have a majority in the House of Commons
and therefore will find it very difficult to,
A, pass the Queen's Speech at all, and B,
pass any of these proposals through the House of Commons
in the form of new laws.
We aim to create a new age of opportunity
for the whole country.
And as we prepare to get Brexit done...
...by October the 31st, we are setting out now our vision
of an open, global, free trading United Kingdom, a high-wage,
low-tax economy.
Labour, the opposition, accused Mr Johnson of playing politics
and bringing the Queen into parliament to effectively read
his plan for a general election and his Tory party manifesto.
There has never been such a farce as a government with
a majority of minus 45...
...and a 100 per cent record of defeat in the House of Commons
setting out a legislative agenda they know cannot be delivered
in this parliament.
A huge part of the Queen's Speech today
were the government's plans to toughen up the criminal justice
We saw tougher measures proposed to deal
with foreign nationals who have been convicted of a crime
to return to the UK after having been deported,
also proposals for tougher and longer sentences
for those who have committed the most serious offences.
We've also seen proposals reiterated
for a tougher immigration system, including
a points-based one that will make it
harder for certain nationals from the EU
to come and work and live in Britain.
What do we want?
But aside from the domestic agenda put forward
by the prime minister today, clearly the number one issue
in parliament is still Brexit.
Brexit is clearly dominating the headlines in the news
and the business of MPs in parliament,
but it's also bringing people out into the streets of London
to protest at what they either think is a betrayal of Brexit
or calls for Brexit to be halted altogether.
What do we want?
When do we want it?
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Why the Queen's Speech was Boris Johnson's Conservative manifesto I FT

19 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on November 14, 2019
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