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  • - Hey, I'm so excited for my trip to Taipei. - Yeah.

  • So, what do you think I should do when I get there?

  • Well first off, I think you should take the Train.

  • Just ride the Airport MRT.

  • It costs less than a taxi.

  • It just takes 45 minutes or 43 if you can catch the express train.

  • Visit the historic landmark hall of Chiang Kai-shek.

  • Bao bing shaved ice at the Ningxia Night Market.

  • Puppet theatre museum, sip traditional high mountain oolong tea, oolong tea.

  • See that Taipei 101 after climbing Elephant Mountain.

  • Xinyi, fancy shopping, xiao long bao, famous soup dumplings.

  • Taipei City destinations one end to the other, ride that MRT, MRT.

  • See temples like Bao An, day trip hiking up in Yangmingshan and...

  • The underground Y-Mall, for Taiwan shirts, trinkets, and bobblehead dogs and...

  • To cool down, get a boba iced tea, but actually I prefer the coconut jelly.

  • Try liang mian noodles.

  • Don't get hit by dogs on scooters.

  • Taste the mangoes and the fruits, fried and boiled stinky tofu.

  • Rent U-Bikes.

  • Pack an umbrella.

  • Kelp snacks from 7-11.

  • Coffee shops don't open until 2pm, and garbage trucks play Beethoven.

  • Hold up, I ain't done, yeah we only at the start.

  • Take the MRT to see the trees at Da'an Forest Park.

  • Hit the National Palace Museum, ancient Chinese art, Qing Dynasty, Dynasty.

  • Run along the Tamsui River, Dadaocheng wharf.

  • Locals singing karaoke, dancing, music traditional.

  • Hit the Shilin market, shopping while you eat some sliced noodles...

  • More spicy, spicy, spicy, la la la la!

  • Try pineapple cake sweet, Chinese medicine, Dihua Street.

  • Explore the creative parks.

  • Relax your feet in Beitou Hot Springs.

  • See the Gate of Great Centrality and the hall for Sun-Yat-Sen.

  • Oolong tea leaves, learn how to brew them.

  • Drink your whole asparagus juice.

  • It's healthy for you.

- Hey, I'm so excited for my trip to Taipei. - Yeah.

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