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(brief oriental music)
(eclectic oriental music)
- I'm at the TaipeiEYE now, and I'm gonna see a puppet show
and some opera, and I'm told it's very entertaining.
Here we go!
This is like going backstage after a concert;
getting to meet the stars.
A little bit of blue.
There we go.
This is the great part about Taipei:
you think you're just gonna go watch a show,
sit in the audience, and the next thing you know,
you're getting your face painted.
Time to put on the robe; complete the ensemble.
It's pure silk.
Yeahh, look at this.
Eat your heart out, New Your Fashion Week.
Alright, this is enough messing around in the lobby.
It's time for the main show.
(traditional Taiwanese music)
The best part by far was the dance.
The colors, the costumes, the faces;
the acrobatics were outta this world.
(traditional Taiwanese music)
That was a very enjoyable evening.
First, I got to paint my face,
put on some traditional costumes,
check out a cute little puppet show,
and finally, an amazing dance.
(eclectic oriental music)
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Taipei - Chinese Opera Show at TaipeiEYE

74 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 13, 2019
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